We study in order to identify and strengthen social change models while using empirical evidence to elaborate and disseminate best practices.

Finding ways of measuring the results obtained is now an essential component of work in the third sector. This is fundamental when it comes to reporting to stakeholders and for the evaluation of the sustainability, scalability and replicability of the interventions.

Our actions, as well as our monitoring and evaluation of projects carried out by others, are based on a results analysis in order to elaborate, model and disseminate best practices, with the aim of recognizing and strengthening social change models. The best practices which we identify are constantly subject to research and transformation with the aim of consolidating them over time.

After all, social innovation is a continuous process of learning, sharing and refinement of the methods necessary to achieve the changes that we wish to see in the world.


UR-Beira: strengthening of emergency medical services in the City of Beira

UR-Beira: strengthening of emergency medical services in the City of Beira is a project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) in Mozambique and coordinated by Veneto Region, aimed at strengthening the emergency health services managed by local authorities in the district of Beira, with a particular focus on obstetric and paediatric emergencies.

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The EMERGENCY project proposal aims to contribute to the creation of a peaceful and inclusive society that respects human rights and diversities among different populations, promoting a culture of peace and non-violence with the active involvement of citizens throughout Italy.

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Sri Lanka: Helpdesk for the DPC Tsunami Disaster Program

The General Programme in Sri Lanka aimed to respond to the 26 of December 2004 Tsunami, up to the achievements of reconstruction, assistance of local social and economic recovery.

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