We don’t ask ourselves whether another world is possible but rather, we try to concentrate on the way to obtain change by sharing our knowledge and ideas.

Networking doesn’t only mean connecting organizations, people and experiences. In order to generate added value through a network it is necessary that all of the actors involved wish to share their own knowledge and are willing to contaminate themselves, recognizing that which is positive and essential in each interlocutor.

We believe that sharing ideas is the best way for them to grow, with the objective of improving both individually and collectively. We start from the assumption that acquiring knowledge is a process which should never consider itself completed. Innovation is rarely born of a single revolutionary idea, most often it originates from the ability to bring improvements to the many, already existing, good ideas, making them visible and accessible.

Thus, our habitat is a place where sharing and contamination thrive.


Milano in Cartoline

Il progetto “Milano in Cartoline – Immaginare la città del futuro” intende costruire un processo decisionale, partecipativo e democratico con i cittadini di 3 Quartieri di Milano (Ponte Lambro – Molise Calvairate Ponti – Gratosoglio), per progettare con loro il futuro sostenibile del territorio, in risposta al cambiamento climatico e per costruire coesione sociale.

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1Planet4All operates in 12 European countries with the aim of raising awareness and promoting the engagement of young people in the development of concrete actions in the fight against climate change

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Civil Society Platform for Inclusiveness

In Eswatini we support human rights associations through the promotion of knowledge and participatory methods, thus facilitating the work of local networks and the interaction between different public and private entities operating in the African country.

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