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punto.sud HISTORY

punto.sud History
    • 1998 – a group of graduated students and professional humanitarian aid workers – after having attended the first edition of the International Master Program in Cooperation and Development at the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia – starts cooperating for the creation of a new organisation, namely punto.sud.
    • 1999 – a first research program on the development and cooperation activities managed by relevant stakeholders based in Regione Lombardia is commissioned to punto.sud by the NGO Fratelli dell’Uomo and the research institute IRER (Istituto Regionale di Ricerca della Lombardia).
    • 2000 punto.sud is registered in Milan as a non-profit association on the 3rd of March. Headquarters is opened in Via Lazzaro Papi, Milan, shared with the Cooperativa Cuccagna.
    • 2001 The causes and dynamics of social exclusion among immigrants in Europe. Analysis of three cases: Denmark, Italy and Spain is the first project financed by the European Commission – DG Employment and Social Affairs to punto.sud. The research program is implemented in partnership with El Sur Piccola Società Cooperativa a Resposabilità Limitata (leading agency), Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI), Centre d’Estudis Africans (CEA), Training, Education & Development (TED), Federico Caffé Centre – Dept. Of Social Sciences, Roskilde University.
    • 2003 punto.sud starts its long-lasting cooperation with the European Commission, DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, participating to two capacity development projects (2003-2004 – Monitoring and Evaluation in Humanitarian Aid: Quality Procedures; 2004-2005 – Development of integrated project and financial management tools in conformity with the 2003 FPA) promoted by Solint Forum, a consortium of Italian NGOs (CISP, COOPI, COSV, Intersos and Movimondo).
    • 2005 punto.sud starts cooperating with the Italian Civil Protection Department in Sri Lanka after the 26th December 2004 tsunami disaster, implementing the 6-year program punto.sud helpdesk for the Tsunami Disaster Program (2005-2010). The punto.sud helpdesk aimed to monitor a total of 34 projects for a total value of 32.104.923 €.
    • 2005 punto.sud continues its support to the European Commission, DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection implementing three consecutive capacity development projects (2005-2006 – Supporting the quality approach in humanitarian aid: creation of an helpdesk and development of PCM based tools relating to the application of the FPA; 2006-2007 – Quality partnership in humanitarian aid: provision and consolidation of the punto.sud-helpdesk website and supporting activities; 2008 – Building capacity of DG-ECHO Partners through the punto.sud helpdesk website – phase out FPA 2003-2007) to the benefit of the DG-ECHO and the DG-ECHO Partners.
    • 2008 – a fruitful cooperation with Fondazione Cariplo starts in 2008 through the award of the contract for the evaluation of the 4-year Cooperation Program in Northern Uganda (2009-2014) financed by Fondazioni4Africa, a pool of bank and private foundations working together to assist uprooted people in northern Uganda. 
    • 2008 punto.sud changes its legal status into a non-profit Foundation on the 5th of May. The legal addess of the Foundation is established in Trento, with the opening of a branch office.
    • 2008 – Within the framework of the punto.sud helpdesk for the Tsunami Disaster Program, commissioned to punto.sud by the Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC) in Sri Lanka, the punto.sud Team members are conferred the “benemerenzaat the presence of the President of the Italian Republic.
    • 2009 punto.sud is recognised as Foundation by the Commissariato per il Governo della Provincia di Trento on the 5th of January.
    • 2009 punto.sud starts cooperating with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), implementing the 6-year support program (8 projects financed by FAO and implemented by punto.sud from 2009 until 2015), with the objective of facilitating the cooperation between the FAO and the EU.
    • 2011 – within the joint initiative Jeunes Filles pour l’Agro, financed by Fondazione Milano per EXPO 2015 and implemented in Togo by two technical partners (the Italian NGOs Ricerca e Cooperazione and MLFM), two projects are commissioned to punto.sud in Togo (2011-2012 – Antenna Togo; 2014-2015 – Jeune Filles pour l’Agro – follow up Togo) to support the initiative and elaborate a follow-up strategy, in partnership with all stakeholders involved.
    • 2013 punto.sud opens a branch office in Swaziland to implement the 4-year program Fostering communication and cooperation among Non State Actors for the benefit of Swazi Civil Society (2013-2016).  The project, financed by the European Commission – DG EuropeAid, is implemented in partnership with the Italian NGO COSPE (leading agency) and the support of the Coordinating Assembly of NGOs in Swaziland (CANGO), aiming at developing and consolidating a framework for open, independent information and joint contribution on CSOs’ actions in Swaziland, through the reinforcement of networks, participation to advocacy activities and the availability of capacity building services.
    • 2014 punto.sud legal address is transferred from Trento to Milan. The Foundation is recognised by the Prefettura di Milano.
    • 2014 the evaluation of the Country Program in Burkina Faso (2014-2017) is awarded to punto.sud by the Associazione di Fondazione e Casse di Risparmio spa (ACRI).
    • 2015 punto.sud starts cooperating with Associazione Trentino con i Balcani and Consorzio Associazioni con il Mozambico (CAM) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their intervention in the Balkan Region and Mozambique financed by the Provincia Autonoma di Trento (PAT).

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