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punto.sud Internal Governance

The bodies of the Foundation include the following:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Steering Board
  • President
  • Auditor
  • Executive Board
punto.sud Organisational Chart

About punto.sud Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of the Founding members, those who participated in the establishment of the Foundation and those who joined later.

The Board of Trustees defines the general direction of the Foundation activities and evaluate the results achieved by the Foundation; appoints and revokes members of the Steering Board, after having first determined its total number of members; appoints the President of the Foundation and the members of the Board of Auditors (or, alternatively, the sole Auditor); deliberates modifications to the Statute.

  • Members of the Board of Trustees   3

About punto.sud Steering Board

punto.sud is administered by a Steering Board, appointed by the Board of Trustees. It is made up of five members, including the President of the Foundation.

The Steering Board has all ordinary and extraordinary administrative powers over the Foundation. In particular the Steering Board has the following duties: approves the balance sheet and budget plan, determining the destination of surplus operating funds, which are to be presented and illustrated to the Board of Trustees decides on the acceptance of inheritances, legacies and donations as well as on the purchase and alienation of real estate; proposes potential statutory modifications to the Board of Trustees; approves potential internal regulations and ensure their application; potentially appoints a treasurer and a director.

punto.sud is governed by a dedicated Steering Board whose members bring a diverse set of skills in the strategic fields of intervention of punto.sud, gained in leadership positions in nonprofit organizations and social business.

  • Members of the Steering Board   5

About punto.sud President

The President of punto.sud is appointed by the Board of Trustees and serves a term of three years. The President legally represents the Foundation,calls and chairs the Board of Trustees and the Steering Committee.  Besides the President maintains relations with institutions, businesses, public and private entities with the objective of establishing relationships of collaboration and in support of the Foundation’s initiatives. The President may delegate this function to one or more members of the Board of Trustees.

About punto.sud Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors (or the Sole Auditor) oversees all financial and accounting activities of the Foundation. All members (or the Sole Auditor) are appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of three fiscal years. The President of the Board (or the Sole Auditor) must be registered in the Registry of Auditors established by the Italian Ministry of Justice.

The Board of Auditors (or the Sole Auditor) oversees the financial management of the Foundation, ensures regularbook-keeping entries, examines the balance sheet and final balance proposals, draws up reports and performs cash checks. The Board (or Sole Auditor) is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the law and relevance with the Statute of Foundation activities.

The members of the Board of Auditors (or the Sole Auditor) can participate, without the right to vote, in the meetings of the Steering Board and of the Board of Trustees.

  • Members of the Board of Auditors   1

About punto.sud Executive Board

The Executive Board has all ordinary powers over the Foundation, under delegation by the Steering Board.

The Executive Board is made up of two members, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO – also Chief of the Project Department) and the Chief Financial & Human Resources Officer (CFO).

  • Members of the Executive Board   2
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