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Empowering Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

CSOs are recognised to play an important role in national development efforts. We implement projects to increase national CSOs’ capacity to perform their roles as independent and accountable development actors more effectively.

Promoting Social Business and Economic Growth

punto.sud, with the aim to improve the living conditions of vulnerable segments of society, contributes to the enhancement of multi-stakeholder partnerships supporting the identification, implementation & evaluation of social business models.

Promoting Good Donorship

In the humanitarian domain all stakeholders are requested to operate for the best use of funds and a stronger and tangible impact of actions. Within this context we cooperate with donors to let them play a better resource-partner role.

Immigration, Diaspora and Co-Development

We implement initiatives to improve the social inclusion of immigrants, to empower diaspora associations, to promote co-development strategies and to study insufficiently explored aspects of the migration issues.

Studies, Research and Evaluation

We focus on studies, research and evaluation, facilitating the exchange of information, good practices, methods and lessons learnt in humanitarian and development projects.

punto.sud Academy

Over the last 10 years, punto.sud has built a strong reputation as a leading provider of effective, expert and high quality international development training. We offer open and in-house training all over the world, as well as e-learning and webinars.

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