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punto.sud Research and Evalution Knowledge, empowerment and innovation

As widely recognised, external aid is no longer seen as the sole or even main factor of development changes. Other development drivers, such as world trade, governments’ own resources, civil society empowerment and the political economy of developing countries work in combination with external aid. This scenario raises the question of how a single “project” can (positively) affect a given context. Although important research activities are carried out in many sectors, small-medium Civil Society Organisations continue to feel that the full potential benefit of this knowledge and the lessons learnt have not being achieved yet.

Since its inception, in January 1999, punto.sud is meant as a “group of research and support” to facilitate the exchange of information, good practices, methods and lessons learnt among the different actors working in implementing humanitarian and development projects.

In practice, this concept of “bridging” is realised by focusing on studying and elaborating methods to put into practice concepts such as efficiency and effectiveness, working both with resource partners (Institutional Donors, Foundations, Donor Agencies) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), International Agencies and practitioners in general.

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