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punto.sud Academy Virtual Classroom


The recent events related to the Covid-19 and the consequent impossibility to organise face-to-face workshops raised the punto.sud Academy attention to the need to develop alternative learning modalities for the benefit of NGOs, UN agencies’ staff and other actors interested in the management of EU development projects.

A virtual classroom is a shared online environment (based on the Zoom  video conference system) where the learners and the trainers work together simultaneously. The trainers can provide live learning sessions using a similar methodology to that used in a traditional face-to-face training.

This learning methodology allows for instant feedback, direct trainer-learner interaction, and engaging activities to increase motivation and active participation. Immediate communication helps relationship building within the group, as well as a sense of community. For this reason, they are also very effective for in-house learning processes. Usually live sessions are combined with self-study activities, thanks to the rich interactive and multi-media library at the disposal of the participants to deepen knowledge on some of the training topics. 

Virtual classroom can be considered a new standard in the learning experience that goes above and beyond the physical space of the classroom and traditional teaching methods.

  • Video conferencing

    an interaction similar to classroom training through microphone, chat and webcam

  • Screen sharing

    additional multimedia such as videos, webpages etc. 

  • Virtual flipchart/whiteboard

     to explain key concepts and engage participants in different collaborative activities 

  • Virtual rooms

    to conduct small-group works and assigned group tasks 

  • Multimedia library

    including video, short eLearning, infographics and official documents

  • Recording

    so that participants can revise the contents

  • Quizzes, Tests, Polls and Q&A sessions

    used to test the knowledge acquired during live lessons and self-learning

  • Participants

    20-25 participants simultaneously


Get in touch with our experts to design and deliver virtual classrooms tailored for your organisation. For a more lasting impact, combine virtual classroom with e-Learning courses and webinars.


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