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  • The helpdesk is intended to provide to all Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), a full assistance and case by case support aimed to fulfil headquarters main obligations, accomplish desk managerial tasks, and facilitate key-staff work on the field in the framework of DG DEVCO and DG NEAR funded projects. The main objective of the helpdesk is to enhance the knowledge of CSOs operating in the development field, facilitating the comprehension of the general procedures and rules of the European Commission. The helpdesk provides prompt personalised replies to all queries posed by development organisations on a daily basis. The queries may refer to any phase of a DG DEVCO/DG NEAR funded project, and range in topic from the ex-ante requirements for participation in calls for proposals, to the preparation of an interim report, project final evaluation and so on. Upon receipt of the query, the helpdesk will respond within a limited and reasonable time frame
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