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The theory of change – How a theory may positively impact on practices

Course Description

There is nothing more practical than a good theory. Based on this assumption there have been many discussions in recent years on how better design logic models than do facilitate a clear design, a sound management and a useful evaluation of development projects.

This seems particular relevant for those involved in designing, managing and evaluating development interventions, who are more and more expected to support the organisations they are working for, as well their partners, in the formulation of realistic and clear action logic.

Also the EU and most of the international agencies working  in the development domain are demanding more clarity regarding action logic and monitoring plan, including the elaboration of effective (SMART) indicators. Within this framework there is also an increasing discussion about the actual capacity of implementers to properly identify the planned outputs and the estimated outcomes. This is also remarked by the new version of the logical framework template, requested in most of the EuropeAid calls for proposals, which requests an higher attention to these definitions. Although the elaboration of clear theories of changes (and Implementation theories) do not introduce a revolution in the classical way to conceive projects, these topics allow for a better clarification of what should be done to improve action design, management and evaluation.

Specific Objective

To facilitate the formulation and presentation of theories of change and to illustrate the complementarity of this working method with the correct definition of the main logframe elements.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • recognise the advantage of this method with regard of the definition of sound, realistic and clear action logic
  • develop step-by-step a theory of change
  • understand the complementarity between the theory of changes and the logframe

Methodology: how to participate?

The course is delivered on-line, in a virtual classroom. All what you need to participate is a computer and Internet connection. Each session is facilitated by one or more trainers who will share information, suggestions and best practices with participants, with the support of ppt presentations, websites presentation and other materials. During the webinar sessions, you will be able to interact with the trainers and the other participants with questions and comments.

In case you will not be available at the established time, all sessions are recorded and can be followed whenever you can.

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be sent to all participants.

Course Agenda

Through this webinar, you will be guided in the formulation of a theory of change and encouraged to consider it as an important modus operandi to develop and present a sound, realistic and clear action logic. This will be achieved throughout a preliminary overview of this method in the framework of the other existing approaches, an exemplification on how a causal pathway may be examined and, finally an illustration of the complementarity of the Theory of Changes with the Logframe.

The webinar is composed by a theoretic part, where participants will get an overview no how develop a theory of change and the logic behind this method and a practical part with concrete examples on how to properly formulate and present the result of this analytical work.

1-lesson webinar to provide an overview of the theory of change


Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

Practitioners involved in the design and evaluation of humanitarian and development actions and project management. This webinar is not designed for those one with a limited knowledge of the typical methods and tools used in the project cycle.

Number of participants

25 maximum per session.


1 day (1 lesson of 1.30 h, from 13.30 to 15.00 CEST|CET)

System requirements

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Course Prices
60 Euro

EARLY BOOKING: 25% off if you book 8 weeks in advance (45 €)

MULTIPLE BOOKING: 25% 3 or more bookings (45 €)

Event dates
TypeDateLocationTitleLanguageTarget GroupStatus
webinar26 February 2018
(h 13:30-15)
On the WebThe theory of changeEnglishStudents, international cooperation and humanitarian aid workers CLOSED
webinar16 October 2017
(h 13:30-15)
On the WebThe theory of changeEnglishStudents, international cooperation and humanitarian aid workers CLOSED
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