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UN Agencies and other Pillars Assessed Organizations & the EU: mastering collaboration mechanisms in development cooperation

Course Description

This learning path has been designed for staff working in pillar assessed organisations, such as UN agencies and National Agencies of the Member States, who manages (or wishes to manage) EU-funded projects. Topics have been organised by logical sequence to equip participants with the knowledge and tools they need to deal with the different phases of the project.

It has been drawn up as a blended learning that combines a propaedeutic eLearning module with a face-to-face 2-day training session to practice on the acquired information.

Through this path, you will get an introduction on the EU programming and funding systems and on the different EU management modalities (direct and indirect). In addition, you will understand how to negotiate and lobby with the EU Delegations and the Commission in order to successfully mobilise resources.

The learning path also addresses the key steps of proposals writing ensuring they are in line with the EU expectations. The analysis of the EU Contribution Agreement will enhance your confidence in the application of the rules during the project execution.

Finally, the session on project implementation will be based on the most updated Contribution Agreement rules, however, for the benefit of those managing on-going projects under the previous set of rules (PAGoDA), differences will be carefully highlighted.

Specific Objective

To strengthen the knowledge and skills and to provide practical tools to the staff of pillar assessed organisations (such as UN and Member States national agencies) for a smooth cooperation with the EU and  for a correct project implementation according to the established rules; to  easily deal with EU monitoring and evaluation missions and with expenditure verification.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the learning path you will be able to:

  • Easily find EU funding opportunities
  • Get in-depth knowledge of the peculiarities of EU direct and indirect management
  • Write project proposals responding to EU requirements
  • Prepare Special Conditions in cooperation with the EU and understand the main contractual arrangements
  • Organise partnerships according to the EU rules
  • Ensure the eligibility of costs and monitor expenditures
  • Confidently manage changes during project implementation
  • Have concrete references for the implementation of the Communication and Visibility plans
  • Prepare reports with all the requested information
  • Deal with EU monitoring and evaluation missions and verification of expenditures
  • Detect the differences between the Contribution Agreement and PAGoDA

A learning path which comprehends one eLearning and one classroom course whose combination will provide in depth knowledge and practical skills on the management of EU funded projects for pillar assessed organisations within the Contribution Agreement rules and procedures.  


Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

  • This learning path is addressed only to the staff of pillar assessed organizations (namely, UN organizations, Member States national agencies) that are interested in EU programming and funding system, as well as in the key rules for the management of EU-funded projects in the framework of the Contribution Agreement.
  • A basic knowledge on management of EU funded projects is required.


The following courses are included in this learning path:

  • eLearning UN Agencies and other Pillars Assessed Organizations & the EU: working modalities: this module provides a comprehensive overview of the aspects related to the collaboration between the EU and pillar assessed organisations. It provides detailed information about the main EU programmes for development cooperation, the possible management modalities used by the EU for this type of partner organisations , the contents of a good project proposal and the key rules for the management of the Contribution Agreements from the beginning to end highlighting differences with the previous PAGoDA.
  • 3-day classroom training UN Agencies and other Pillars Assessed Organizations & the EU: contractual and financial management masterclass : this course offers a practical guide of all aspects related to EU funded (or Multi-donor) projects. With interactive methodologies and group works, the course addresses challenges related to the preparation of project proposals and the negotiation process with the EU, the contracting phase and the management of Contribution Agreements. The course is based on practical case studies to support participants to think to possible challenges from real life, linked, for instance, to the eligibility of costs, the need for budget revisions, the record-keeping for monitoring and verification of expenditure. This training is based on the latest version of the Contribution Agreement, but differences with the previous PAGoDA will be highlighted, whenever relevant.
Course Price
525 Euro

standard price

(excluding VAT – to be added if due)

490 Euro

3 or more bookings

(excluding VAT – to be added if due)

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