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Project Description

The tasks foresaw an overall support dedicated to the Unicredit Foundation in the definition of a systematic assessment of the project documents received in the framework of a call for proposal launched by the Foundation targeting Civil Society Organisations active in Italy in delivery assistance to elderly persons in need (Bando “Strategie di coesione sociale per la terza età” – Call for proposal “Strategy to enhance elderly social cohesion”).

The assessment carried out by punto.sud was preliminarily focused on the systematisation of the criteria established by the Foundation for the award of five best proposals to be awarded with a financing of 60.000 Euro. On the basis of this preliminary analysis punto.sud developed a series of tools (quality grid) to track the assessment of proposals.

Following this phase, 205 action proposals have been assessed and 30 “best proposals” have been identified (within this group 10 proposals have been also identified deserving an extra honourable mention on cross cutting issues as: pear to pear co-operation, elderly and new technology, elderly and youth, innovative practice to handle Alzheimer related problems, elderly and migrants).

Within this framework punto.sud has also assisted the IT team to prepare the software to collect and process the action proposals submitted by target organisations. In line with punto.sud methodology, this programme was benefitting form an internal backstopping which ended up with the preparation of a final report submitted and discussed with Unicredit Foundation for the benefit of future similar actions.

Type of services provided

  1. Systematisation of the assessment criteria and selection modality for the benefit of the assessment of proposals procedure;
  2. Development and testing of the tools (quality grid) and of the software created to collect and analyse the action proposal submitted by CSOs;
  3. Assessment of 205 action proposals;
  4. Identification of final ranking and submission of the assessment outcome (ranking plus comments) to Unicredit Foundation;
  5. Ranking of actions in consideration of the honourable mentions foreseen by the call;
  6. Support to the Unicredit Foundation on the process undertaken;
  7. Debriefing to the Unicredit Foundation on the overall outcome of the task udnertaken.

Project Details

Country   Italy (Milan)

Call for Proposal   Strategie di coesione sociale per la terza età – Strategy to enhance elderly social cohesion.

Overall Call for Proposal Value   EUR 350.000

Donor   Unicredit Foundation

Overall Project Value   EUR 9.000

Sectors   good donorship, support to donors, support to civil society organisations, social cohesion

Dates (start/end)   May – September 2011

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