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Project Description

The project implemented by ICEI in collaboration with OVERSEAS and Ecowave aims at improving the social and economic development in the districts of Ampara, of Monaragala and Badula and of Kandy, in Sri Lanka, through the support of two traditional Sri Lankan production chains, namely rice and spices. The activities will boost all steps in the chains, from the production to the processing to the marketing; will favour the conversion to fair and organic products, and facilitate the local and international trade, by strengthening the public-private partnerships.

As a result, it is expected that the project will increase the productivity, both in quantity and quality, of the rice and spice production, through high-level training and support to product processing. Training on agricultural practices (GAPs) and delivery of inputs and technical assistance will be provided to small rice and spice producers, together with a continuous support to obtain organic and fair-trade certifications. Schemes to certify producers to export to the EU market will also contribute to enhance quality and quantity of local products. The local Chambers of Commerce will also be involved to develop business in the farm product processing industry.

The project will also ensure stable access to local and international market channels, with the aim to create value added to enter the organic and fair trade markets. Farmers’ association will be established, when relevant, and the existing ones will be strengthened to maximise the positive spill-overs on local communities thanks to the re-investment of profits in social activities. This will be enabled in the frame of the marketing strategy for agricultural product that the project will elaborate, with the aim to facilitate contacts and collaborations and develop trade relations among producers and buyers either at domestic or international level. Promotional events and fairs will be organised and B2B collaborations fostered. 2 agricultural researches will be carried out involving the Universities of Rajatara and Milan to develop more environmentally sustainable inputs.

An enabling environment will be set to facilitate the development of local farm industry through applied research and structured collaboration between public and private actors. Concertation tables will be organised with public authorities, universities and private actors to identify policies favouring the sustainable development of farming and local micro-businesses, focused on social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups.


Project Website

Project webiste

Project Details

Title   SRI-PROM – Integrated Rural Development in Sri Lanka: rice and spices, from production to the market

Country   Sri Lanka

Donor   AICS – Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Number AID 11490

Sectors   Agriculture,  Development, Education and Training

Implementing Partners

  • ICEI (lead agency) IT
  • Ecowave Guarantee Limited (SL)
  • Rajarata University (SL)
  • Fairtrade (IT)
  • University of Milan (IT)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Ampara (SL)

Overall project value   EUR 1.482.164

Proportion carried out by punto.sud   4,9%

% of donor’s funding   90%

Dates (start/end)  June 2018 – May 2021


  • 200 small rice producers
  • 350 spice producers
  • 60 entrepreneurs (and their 90 staff)
  • 15 Ecowave staff
  • Researchers (of University of Rajarata and of the University of Milan)
  • 535 people from local public and private institutions for networking activities
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