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UN Agencies and other Pillars Assessed Organizations & the EU: contractual and financial management masterclass

Course Description

Make the most from this practical overview of all aspects related to the management of EU funded (or Multi-donor) projects!

This course, carefully explains the preparation of project proposals and the funding application processes. The course shows the differences between direct negotiation with the EU and the application process in calls for proposals. The contracting phase is also analysed by showing the characteristics of the different agreements (i.e. the Contribution Agreement and the previous PAGoDA 2). The main implementing rules (i.e. eligibility of costs, reporting, changes, visibility and communication, M&E, Verification of expenditure, EU right of access) are examined through practical cases. The course highlights the differences with the rules of PAGoDA 2, – when relevant-, during the presentation of these topics.

Group works, practical scenarios and discussions are organised throughout the entire course to give the opportunity to all participants to share their experiences and create a list of good practices and lessons learnt.

The training will make constant reference to the latest EU official documents, highlighting the main novelties.

Specific Objective

To provide the necessary up-to-date information and practical instruments to properly apply to EU Contributions and manage EU-funded programmes according to the EU rules.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the differences between direct and indirect management of EU-funded actions
  • Strengthen your skills in preparing project proposals
  • Be able to properly prepare the Special conditions in cooperation with the EU
  • Ensure the eligibility of costs and monitoring of expenditure
  • Easily deal with changes, requests of modification and Addenda to the Agreement
  • Have concrete references to properly implement your Communication and Visibility plan
  • Be familiar with the reporting rules
  • Know how to be prepared for a verification of expenditure by the EU

Delivery modality

The course will be delivered through the Virtual Classroom modality. To learn more about this modality, please click on this link.

Course Agenda

Download Agenda

3-day training module to strengthen the learners’ skills and capacity in management of EU-funded projects


Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

  • Staff of pillar-assessed organisation involved in EU resource mobilisation and management of EU specific Agreements.
  • A basic knowledge of EU project implementation rules is needed.

Number of participants

A minimum number of 8 paid subscription is requested to deliver the training.
A  maximum of 25 subscription per session is accepted


3 days (from 10.00 a.m. to 13.30 p.m. CET/CEST)
Course Prices
450 EURO

Standard price

(excluding VAT – to be added if due)

360 EURO

20% off 3 or more bookings

(excluding VAT – to be added if due)

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