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Project Description

The project implemented by Soleterre Italy and Soleterre Morocco in collaboration with , CMERES , CEMS , Impact Lab , ESSALAM aims at enhancing the socio-economic empowerment of youths by boosting their opportunities of participation and the entrepreneurship for the benefit of socio-economic vulnerable groups in the target areas, Rabat/Salé, Casablanca, Tanger, Beni Mellal. In particular, the empowerment is achieved through the increase and the improvement of the services available to youths to encourage their sustainable occupation in the private sector as well as to enhance their capabilities and skills to create viable enterprises with a high social impact, in a way to make diversified services available that may have a high social impact on vulnerable groups. In addition, the project aims at enhancing the capacities of civil society organisations to promote the social participation of citizens for the benefit of most vulnerable groups. This is coupled with the strengthening of the collaboration among public sector, for profit private initiatives as well as the associations who support youths and vulnerable socio-economic groups with the aim to boost innovative social enterprises models and to explore the adoption of public policies promoting the socio-economic and cultural integration of the youths. The main achievements the project expects are related to the sustainable and long-term occupation of youths in the private sector, the establishment of viable social enterprises with a high social impact on vulnerable groups and the enhancement of youths’ associations and civil society organisations aiming at supporting the youths in their capacities of playing a major role in the society to promote the social integration and the occupation of vulnerable groups. The project also considers the relevance of the collaboration and the networking among the key stakeholders in the promotion of the socio-economic and cultural integration for and with the youths.


Project Website

Project website

Project Details

Title -Social economy Integrated programme for the benefit of civil society organizations in Morocco – with the youths for the youths.

Country  Morocco

Donor Foundation Peppino Vismara

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Number   n/a

Sectors  Social Enterprise, socio-economic development

Implementing Partners

  • Soleterre (IT and Morocco)
  • (Morocco)
  • CMERES (Morocco)
  • CEMS (Morocco)
  • Impact Lab (Morocco)
  • ESSALAM (Morocco)

Overall project value   n/a

Proportion carried out by punto.sud   31.757,60 euro

% of donor’s funding   90%

Dates (start/end)   January 2018 – December 2020


  • 90 youths get a job
  • 15 social enterprises launched (for a total of 45 entrepreneurs involved)
  • 5 CSOs are supported to benefit vulnerable groups
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