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Mastering financial management of EuropeAid Grants (advanced learning)

Course Description

This learning path has been created by punto.sud Academy with the aim to provide in depth knowledge of the EU rules and provisions linked to financial management of EU-funded project and advanced skills in budgeting, financial reporting, procurement and auditing. It is conceived for NGO’s finance managers, project administrator, internal auditors involved in the management of DG DEVCO and DG NEAR-funded project. The course addresses the main financial issues faced by NGOs, including the cost eligibility, monitoring of project expenditure, record keeping, procurement and expenditure verification.

This is a blended learning, combining face-to-face or virtual training with other on-line Innovative methodologies and interactive sessions.

You can get the certificate through a gradual and complete learning path, by participating to a face-to-face or virtual course and some eLearning modules.

Specific Objective

To provide the key information and practical tools to ensure NGOs’ administrative and financial staff to prepare realistic budgets, to set up effective monitoring systems of project expenditures and procurement procedures in order to be ready for reporting, expenditure verification and audit.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the learning plan you will be able to:

  • Prepare project budget, according to the eligibility criteria and rules, including possible simplified cost options
  • Develop and use monitoring tools for checking project expenditure in terms of eligibility and record keeping
  • Properly apply procurement principle and procedures and confidently organise procurement processes
  • Prepare interim and final financial reports
  • Prepare accounting and supporting document for expenditure verifications

A learning path, composed by one face-to-face or virtual classroom and 3 eLearning courses, which aims to provide in depth knowledge of the EU rules and provisions linked to financial management of EU-funded project


Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

  • Financial managers and other key staff involved in the administrative and financial management, project accounting and reporting of EU-funded actions.
  • A basic knowledge of EU project implementation rules is needed.


The following courses are included in this learning path:

  • 3-day virtual classroom training Become a master in financial management of EuropeAid Grants: a practical overview of all aspects related to financial management of EU (DG DEVCO/DGE NEAR) funded projects. With interactive methodologies and group works, the course addresses challenges related to the preparation of a proper budget, to avoid common mistakes in terms of eligibility, to possible budget revisions, to record keeping for monitoring and verification of expenditure. Procurement and financial support to third parties rules are also treated during the course. This training is based on the latest version of the PRAG.

  • eLearning Getting fear out of EU procurement: procurement processes are often a key element in EU-funded Actions. However, no specific manual or practical guidance is provided by the EU, as concrete regulations have to be translated into organisational procurement procedures. This eLearning intends to fill in this gap, by providing a clear explanation on the procurement principles and how to translate them into practical procedures, further explained with a step-by-step modality for each type of procedure. Toolkits, checklists and useful formats are also provided.

  • eLearning Be prepared for project expenditure verifications: in this eLearning module, through a practical scenario, some characters working for an imaginary organisation guide participants through the entire expenditure verification process, presenting its main challenges and providing many practical tips and tricks to face them. The course makes reference to the latest version of the PRAG procedures for all Grants financed by DG DEVCO and DG NEAR, but most of the contents are relevant for all types of projects.
  • eLearning Dealing with Simplified Cost Options: this eLearning module aims at giving a practical guide on the use of Simplified Cost Options (SCOs), an approach introduced by the EU to simplify the management of costs of the Actions, reduce the administrative burdens and focus on results. Although there are some guidelines available on the use of SCOs, many organisations often face difficulties in their practical use, when it comes to cost calculation and eligibility. This course will ensure and in-depth understanding on the use of this method by making reference to the latest version of the PRAG procedures.
Course Price
500 Euro

standard price

(excluding VAT – to be added if due)

450 Euro

3 or more bookings

(excluding VAT – to be added if due)

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