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Evaluation Description

punto.sud has been awarded by Soleterre the evaluation of the project ‘Work4Integration’, implemented by Soleterre in the Municipality of Milan, Italy.

The Work4Integration project aims to increase job inclusion and improve the working conditions of migrants. Thanks to the accompaniment for the use of new strategies and methods for job search, the intervention aims at giving them new opportunities to strengthen their autonomy so that they can escape the black labor market and the exploitation of precarious and unrecognized job positions.

The global economic crisis in recent years has also hit Italy hard, where the national employment rate fell by 5.5% between 2010 and 2014 (from 68.1% to 62.6%). For foreign workers the situation is even more difficult, because they find occupations almost always just low-skilled and low-cost jobs often rejected or abandoned by the Italians. This is especially true of migrant women.

In our country, in fact, participation in the labor market of migrants is characterized by high horizontal and vertical segregation, in specific sectors and tasks, discrimination and de-mansion, a phenomenon for which Italy has the highest rates in Europe.

The aim of the project is to involve at least 120 migrant women and men residing in the Province of Milan and neighbouring territories, which are unemployed or at risk of unemployment.

The project is a continuation and extension of the previous Work Program for Integration, carried out by Soleterre between January 2015 and June 2016.

Type of services provided

The punto.sud evaluation will focus on two levels:

  • Analysis of the “cooperation” model activated by the partnership, placing at the center the theme of the synergy of actors aimed at the effective inclusion of disadvantaged migrants;
  • Analysis of the results achieved with the final beneficiaries of the project: skills acquired by the target group, validity of tutorship, actual working conditions reached.

The activated working method will respond to a double need:

  1. Accountability: reporting of results (eg for presentation to the donor);
  2. Learning: facilitate the work of systematization of experiences for the benefit of the partners involved and of any other stakeholders (eg the Municipality of Milan)

To achieve these results, the intervention involves the construction of three outputs:

  1. First systematization and definition of the evaluation model (result-chain processing and detection systems through meetings with Soleterre and partners) by April 2017
  2. Support in itinere through meetings with Soleterre, individual partners, periodic workshops and document analysis
  3. Final report of the experience (including the results survey) and sharing with all partners by May 2018
  4. Participation in the final event of the project for the return of the results

Multi-media Links

Project website

Project website

Evaluation Details

Type of Evaluation   Monitoring & Final Evaluation

Evaluation Dates (start/end)   March 2017 – May 2018

Country   Italy, Milan

Overall Evaluation Value   EUR 10.000

Project Title   Work4Integration

Donor   Fondazione Cariplo, J.P Morgan, Comune di Milano – Direzione Politiche Sociali – Area Emergenze Sociali, Diritti e Inclusione

Sectors   migration, social inclusion

Leading Agency  & Resource Partners

  • Soleterre (leading agency)
  • Centro di Formazione Professionale Fleming del Comune di Milano
  • A&I Cooperativa sociale ONLUS
  • GiGroup
  • Fondazione Sodalitas

Overall Project Value   EUR (not available)

Dates (start/end)   December 2016 – May 2018

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