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Project Description

ERRE 2 is a 3-year project co-funded by Impresa Sociale, Con I Bambini, run by more than 20 partners acting in the Bergamo Provence (Lombardy Region, north of Milan), leaded by Opera Diocesana Patronato San Vincenzo a famous charity organisation acting all over Italy. The project is based on the assumption that although high level of welfare, educational poverty remain an issue in the Bergamo Provence.  Despite a high presence of different education offers, the user often perceives these as inaccessible with a negative impact on the personal education of youngsters especially residing in disadvantaged areas.

The main objective, consequently, is to Establish and activate a network in order to create a favorable environment for youngsters, enabling them to experiment different and innovative educational opportunity. The project will work on the rehabilitation of common space, the support and involvement of families, the reinforcement of schools ‘role, and the strengthening of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

The punto.sud involvement in ERRE2 is mainly dedicated to assure the project implementers with an impact study. The exercise is organized in three moments: initial, at the end of the project and two years after the conclusion of the activities.  The evaluation system will focus particularly on the network “model” implemented and how this model will effectively support the target group identified (pre-adolescents and adolescents). Within this framework, the evaluation will also investigate the expected positive interaction among Public administrations, civil society and the private sectors. The impact assessment will use a theory based approach with a longitudinal statistical-descriptive study.

Project Website

Con i bambini

Project Details

Title   ERRE 2 (Risorse di rete)

Country   Italy

Donor  Impresa Sociale con I Bambini

Budget Line   Un passo avanti

Reference Number   2018-PAS-00381

Sectors  Vulnerable children, education

Implementing Partners

  • Opera Diocesana Patronato San Vincenzo (lead Agency)
  • Bergamo Municipality
  • Bergamo Provence
  • Associazione Agathà onlus
  • Associazione Diakonia Onlus
  • Comune di Verdellino
  • Associazione Formazione Professionale del Patronato San Vincenzo
  • ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII
  • Azienda Bergamasca Formazione
  • Confindustria bergamo
  • Cooperativa sociale patronato san vincenzo
  • Fablab bergamo
  • Fondazione Angelo Custode Onlus
  • IPIA Cesare Pesenti
  • Istituto Comprensivo di Verdellino-Zingonia
  • Istituto comprensivo i mille
  • Istituto comprensivo statale “de amicis”
  • Kilometro rosso spa
  • L’impronta Società Cooperativa Sociale
  • Managernoprofit
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Dipartimento di Sociologia

Overall project value   EUR  1.106.058,53

% of donor’s funding   100%

Dates (start/end)   April 2020 – 2023

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