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Project Description

PASPED (Projet de contraste à la migration irrégulière à travers l’appui au Secteur Privé et à la création d’emplois au Sénégal) is a 15-month project financed by AICS Dakar as part of the overall programme PLASEPRI/PASPED and aims at fostering the socio-economic development in Senegal by capitalising the Senegalese diaspora between Europe and Italy.

The project idea stems from the collaboration and the exchanges with the Senegalese diaspora in Italy and from the shared objective to promote the business ideas of Senegalese citizens to be realised in their home country, as well as to strengthen the interconnections between Italy and Senegal and to support the circular migration.

Within this framework, PASPED aims at increasing the knowledge of the Senegalese citizens in Italy on the PLASEPRI/PASPED support measures and at improving their access to the opportunities available, thanks to the widespread network of info points in synergy with the consulates of Milan and Naples.

It is expected that, thanks to the project:

  • 70 business ideas are selected to be developed through a fully-fledged package of support, to be realised in Senegal
  • 13 socio-economic operators are selected among the Senegalese diaspora to support the development of business ideas
  • At least 42000 people from the Senegalese diaspora are informed on the opportunities available to develop business in their home country

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Project Website

Project website

Project Details

Title   ‘Projet de contraste à la migration irrégulière à travers l’appui au Secteur Privé et à la création d’emplois au Sénégal (PASPED)’

Country   Italy & Senegal

Donor    Agenzia Italiana di Cooperazione allo Sviluppo – AICS 

Budget Line    AP01/2020/PASPED

Reference Number   CdS001/PASPED/2020

Sectors   diaspora, migrations, youth, entrepreneurship

Implementing Partners

Overall project value   EUR 676.767,67

Proportion carried out by punto.sud   99%

% of donor’s funding   80%

Dates (start/end)   November 2020 – January 2022


  • 70 Senegalese businessmen, living in Italy, are supported in developing their business ideas in their home country
  • 300 Senegalese citizens have access to a package of information & training
  • 42.000 Senegalese citizens are sensitised on the project themes
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