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Evaluation Description

The EMERGENCY project proposal aims to contribute to the creation of a peaceful and inclusive society that respects human rights and diversities among different populations, promoting a culture of peace and non-violence with the active involvement of citizens throughout Italy.

The project includes: preliminary research and data processing, quality training courses, information and awareness for young people aged 11-25, teachers, operators, volunteers and citizens on the themes of war, migration, multiculturalism and social inclusion. At the end of the project, young people will be those who will carry forward innovative ideas and proposals to promote a culture of peace and non-violence by presenting new ways of informing and sensitizing citizens to the authorities and experts in the profit and non-profit sector, both at local and global level.

Type of services provided

In line with the indications of the Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (AICS), which requires an external and independent evaluation that will allow us to analyse the results obtained, the quality of the interventions carried out.

Therefore, the objective of the punto.sud contribution is presented is to contribute to understanding the real effectiveness of the ongoing project model, which is able to provide useful indications for the continuation of the project, facilitating the definition of in-depth work hypotheses (operational and strategic) in relation to the main theme of the intervention

The evaluation exercise to be performed will be supported by the following activities:

  • Critical analysis of the work
  • A specific in-depth analysis carried out through the administration of questionnaires and the organization of work groups aimed at understanding the outcome of the main activities planned (graphic novels, kits for teachers, actions aimed at university students)
  • The organization of feedback meetings
  • The preparation of a final report.

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Evaluation Details

Type of Evaluation   Final Evaluation

Evaluation Dates (start/end)   2020

Country   Italy

Overall Evaluation Value   EUR 10.000

Project Title “NO ALLA GUERRA, per una società pacifica e inclusiva rispettosa dei diritti umani e della diversità fra i popoli”

Donor   Agenzia italiana per la cooperazione allo sviluppo (AICS)

Reference Project Number    n/a

Sectors   Social inclusion

Leading Agency  & Resource Partners

  • EMERGENCY Life Support for Civilian War Victims ONG ONLUS
  • ISMU

Overall Project Value   EUR 580.000

Dates (start/end)   2019 – 2020

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