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Evaluation Description

Poor education, food and energy: these are three dimensions of poverty that the Fondazione Cariplo undertakes to fight together with institutions, non-profit organizations and companies, according to a model based on the three pillars: public, private and social.

The “Doniamo Energia” programme, promoted in collaboration by Banco dell’Energia and Fondazione Cariplo, is one of the initiatives to combat poverty. The Banco Energia Onlus is a non-profit organization, promoted by A2A and the Foundations AEM and ASM, founded in 2016 with the aim of raising funds to support people and families belonging to weak social groups at risk of poverty.

The meeting between Banco dell’Energia and Fondazione Cariplo made it possible to combine resources and skills to support people in economic fragility with paths of support and “re-start” at 360 °, first of all through the distribution of basic necessities or the payment of urgent expenses such as the bills of any energy operator, and then think of routes to take charge and reactivation, which provide for forms of work and social reintegration and to rethink resources for the community, with a view to generative welfare.

There are various consortia made of non-profit organizations and local authorities that have presented in partnership the projects that have obtained the contribution on the “Doniamo energia” call and which will support vulnerable people in difficulty.

Doniamo Energia – Third edition (2020 – 2022)

17 projects financed to support situations of economic and social vulnerability throughout Lombardy.

  1. INTRECCI Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS | Contiamodipiù
  2. Gruppi di Volontariato Vincenziano A.i.c. Italia Gruppo di Milano | EnergiRa Restart
  3. FARSI PROSSIMO ONLUS | TenacINsinergia – Riattivare energie dopo la pandemia
  5. Spazio Giovani onlus – Società Cooperativa Sociale | RI-COM-PRENDIAMO – Nuove energie per ripartire
  7. Solco Sondrio consorzio di cooperative sociali – Società Cooperativa Sociale | SEGNI POSITIVI IN RETE! Nuove sfide, nuove alleanze e nuovi percorsi territoriali per affrontare povertà e vulnerabilità negli Ambiti territoriali di Sondrio, Morbegno e Tirano
  8. Il Torpedone Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus | Energie Invulnerabili Due
  9. COOPERATIVA SOCIALE PALAZZOLESE | Più energia – seconda edizione
  10. Fondazione Caritas don Angelo Madeo | Comunità di speranza – perché nessuno rimanga indietro
  11. La Rotonda | BaranzHUB: periferie che ripartono insieme
  12. A&I società cooperativa sociale ONLUS | Rimettiamoci In Sesto
  13. CS&L CONSORZIO SOCIALE | RIPARTIRE – Energie di comunità, risorse in rete
  14. Società di S.Vincenzo de’ Paoli – Consiglio Centrale di Bergamo | Ripartiamo da qui
  15. SEZIONE PROVINCIALE ACLI PAVIA | A.R.S. Autonomia, Resilienza, Solidarietà
  16. Cooperativa Lotta contro l’emarginazione coop. sociale onlus | Energia dei Legami
  17. La Vela società cooperativa sociale | LIBERIAMO ENERGIA

Type of services provided

The involvement of punto.sud is divided as follows:

  • The accompaniment to the implementing organisations aimed at facilitating the development of project ideas and the implementation of projects through a feasible and effective monitoring plan. With reference to this work plan, the following actions are inserted:
      • Helpdesk support and follow-up in progress, aimed at ensuring data collection and overcoming any operational difficulties of these activities.
  • The implementation of a system of monitoring and reporting of the progress of the program, able to systematically detect the progress of the project activities and to produce the information necessary for the periodic and overall control of the projects. In this context, sud was engagedto develop the format for the detection of results in order to ensure the project (and the program) a system for collecting the priority information in order to allow a collection of quantitative data of output and outcome. Together with this action, a complementary work of collecting qualitative information related to the implementation of the projects (deviation from the plan, criticality, elements of strength and opportunities) is also required.
  • Critical evaluation of the programme for donors, with the aim of highlighting and communicating to the representatives of the Cariplo Foundation, A2A Spa and the Banco dell’Energia Onlus, the progress of the program and the development of an overall evaluation experience.


Evaluation Details

Type of Evaluation  Monitoring & Evaluation and Helpdesk support

Evaluation Dates (start/end)   2020 – 2022

Country   Italy, Lombardia

Overall Evaluation Value   EUR 39.000

Project Title  DONIAMO ENERGIA 3: contro le nuove povertà

Donor  Fondazione Cariplo, Banco dell’Energia, Fondazioni Aem e Asm, A2A

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Project Number    n/a

Sectors  Social inclusion, poverty

Overall Project Value   EUR 2.000.000

Dates (start/end)   2020 – 2022

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