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Project Description

Platform 125 (P125) is a network encompassing more than 20 private companies, non-profit actors, research and institutional entities, operating in Trentino. Platform 125 members are interested in working with the Balkans in concrete sustainable development projects. P125 aims at supporting the
path to European integration, undertaken by the countries of the area, and at fostering an inclusive and respectful growth in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through an economic cooperation driven by the principles of ethics, reciprocity and know-how transfer.
The primary objective of P125 is to work with the main actors of the Western Balkan countries in the realization of common projects in the field of: infrastructures, public works, civil and environmental engineering, environmental issues (in terms of protection, enhancement, study and dissemination), and technologies for sustainable agriculture.

The Platform, thanks to a tailored and integrated proposal, provides the knowledge and operational experience, built in Trentino in over 40 years of territorial autonomy, which have allowed our regional system to be first in Italy in quality of life and green energy production (Il Sole 24 Ore, Italia Oggi rankings).

Within this framework punto.sud contributed to create the Platform 125 group in November 2017 after various years of co-operation projects implemented with the Association Trentino per I Balcani (Association Trentino with the Balkans) which is the NGO who has promoted the initiative and developed the network.

This partnership is deemed strategical given the various points of contact between punto.sud, ATB and the other Platform’s partners.

More specifically, the following dimensions are focalized for the development of common initiatives:

  • The Balkans represent an important area (the Western Balkan) where punto.sud is already present within the framework of the activities, especially regarding the environment and the spreading of the Circular Economy paradigm;
  • The Platform 125 mission – promoting an integration of society, business and the environment – represents an innovative player with high potential in the experimentation of Circular Economy models for the benefit of Balkans’ citizens and the EU. This is believed to be strongly consistent with the approach of the new Italian Law 125/14 (form which the Platform takes its name) that encourage multi-stakeholders partnership to promote innovative international cooperation for development Initiatives;
  • The possibility to involve in the Platform 125 actors active in the Lombardy Region, promoting a positive co-operation with those one active in Trentino Province;
  • A partnership involving academy and research, business and the third sector, represents, finally, an innovative space of reflection and action to promote social innovation initiatives with high standards.


Main activities

  1. Development of special partnerships, public administrations, profit organizations, civil society bodies in Trentino and the Balkans based on high social responsibility and environmental standards;
  2. Development of feasibility study for the identification of common projects involving public Institutions – both in Italy and in the Balkan – profit and non-profit making entities, especially in the renewable energy and waste management sectors where Italian enterprises and Trentino’s local authorities ensure excellent experiences;
  3. Implementation of pilot innovative action having particular attention to social responsibility (inclusion) and environmental (environmental sustainability) standards in the following fields:
    • Territorial planning and protection of environmental heritage, including waste management;
    • Energy (exploitation of renewable resources and energy efficiency)
    • Health and social care services
    • Protection and enhancement of cultural heritage – tangible and intangible
    • Social enterprise and cohesion
  4. Development of innovative financing mechanisms (ex. Social impact bond, impact investing) where traditional funding mechanisms (grants) are conceived to be complementary;
  5. Development of an ethical brand that can be considered a sustainable and replicable standard.

Multi-media Links

Piattaforma 125 – Intervista a Maurizio Camin

Project Website

Platform 125

Project Details

Title  Platform 125: Network of relationships for a sustainable local development between Trentino and the Balkan Europe

Country   Italy, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia

Donor   Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT), fundraising, own resources

Budget Line   N/A

Reference Number   N/A

Sectors   Circular Economy: renewable energy, waste management, social inclusion, Public-Private co-operation

Implementing Partners

• Associazione Trentino con i Balcani
• University of Trento
• Fondazione Bruno Kessler
• Euricse
• Albatros Srl
• TING Group
• Tera Group Srl
• ADEP – Agenzia depurazione acque PAT
• Trentino sviluppo
• Servizio internazionalizzazione della Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Overall project value   N/A

% of donor’s funding   N/A

Dates (start/end)   November 2017


  • Balkan citizenz
  • Italian society (Trento and Milan)
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