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E-learning: How CSOs from Western Balkans and Turkey can get funding from the European Union

Course Description

Sign up to this free e-learning course to understand all necessary steps to be successful in getting funds from the European Union. This online course will show you how to apply in calls for proposals launched from DG DEVCO, DG NEAR or from the EU Delegations for the award of Grants. It focuses on the main EU Institutions involved in External Aid programmes, on the EU programming and funding modalities, on the call for proposals system and the preparation of the application form and the budget. It is conceived for CSOs from Western Balkans and Turkey.
This e-learning course has been developed by Fondazione punto.sud within the EU-funded project “Development of the in West Balkan and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration” and it is free of charge.

Specific Objective

To let participants becoming more familiar with the EU, its programming and funding modalities and be able to apply for Grants.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the e-learning course, participants will be able to:

  • improve understanding of the role of the different DGs of the EC and the EU Delegations
  • be able to identify the relevant information/requirements in the main legal texts and documents and their relevance in applying for EU funds
  • gain knowledge of the preliminary steps and rules to follow in applying for EU Grants
  • enhance skills in preparing project proposals.

Course Module

Lesson 1 The European Union external aid
This first module will give you a broad idea of the most important EU Institutions involved in external aid and the definition of the role of DG DEVCO and DG NEAR in dealing with policy making and programmes implementation.

Lesson 2 Funding & Programming
The focus of this module is on the financial framework under which the DG DEVCO and DG NEAR is working to deliver aid to partner countries. More specifically you will better understand the EU programming phase of the project cycle with the identification of specific programmes to be financed and you will know how to align your actions to the objectives established by these programmes and consequently to get funding.

Lesson 3 The Calls for Proposals system
In this module you will get useful information on how to look for and apply in the calls for proposals launched by DG DEVCO and DG NEAR, as this is the preferable channel for CSOs, like NGOs, associations, etc. to get contributions, the so-called ‘Grants’, for the execution of their projects.

Lesson 4 The Application form and the Budget
In the last module you will briefly look into the documents to be submitted to the EC or the EU Delegation in response to a Call for Proposals, i.e. the application form, the budget and the logical framework.

free e-learning module to be successful in applying for EU funds through the Calls for Proposals mechanism

Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

Staff of CSOs from Western Balkans and Turkey involved in fundraising and project planning. It is conceived for beginners in EU-funded projects and the calls for proposals system and does not require a preliminary knowledge of the subject

Number of participants

No limits


The course lasts approximately 3 hours and should be completed within 15 days e-learning

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Course Prices
free of charge

E-learning financed under the EU-funded project

Event dates
TypeDateLocationTitleLanguageTarget GroupStatus
e-learningAlways openOn the WebGet funding from the European UnionEnglishCSOs' staff from Western Balkans and TurkeyCLOSED
e-learningMarch - December 2016On the WebGet funding from the European UnionEnglishCSOs' staff from Western Balkans and TurkeyCLOSED
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