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Become a master of APPEL and the Single Form offline

Course Description

This e-learning course provides a complete presentation of the offline Single Form, in order to improve the participants’ capacity in dealing with its technicalities and to increase confidence in dealing with this format. It is also highlighted how to integrate the offline application with APPEL.
Please note that in November 2018, a new browser-based application of the Single Form has been released, with the objective of substituting completely the PDF-based application. The two applications will run simultaneously until April 2019 (approximately), after this date the new application has to be used. We strongly recommend getting familiar with it, as it brings many interesting improvements. Have a look at the Partners’ Website dedicated page to download the new manual and the quick start guidelines.


Specific Objective

To improve the participants’ ability to fill in the offline Single Form and to understand the interaction with the electronic exchange system APPEL.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants become familiar with the main technical functionalities and features of the offline Single Form and discover how to make the most of them when preparing Action’s proposal and subsequent reports.

Course Modules

The course provides participants with a general overview of the offline Single Form and on how it is structured, explaining how to use the main functionalities, to attach files and to upload it on APPEL.

  • APPEL and the offline Single Form;
  • How to create a new RQ;
  • The logic of intervention and the financial overview;
  • Upload in APPEL and submission;
  • How to create and manage follow up documents.

In the course materials you will be able to access the recording of a live webinar fully dedicated to the Single Form offline application.  You can watch it to review the workflow and to learn more about the application technicalities.

free e-learning module to improve skills in dealing with ECHO eTools

Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

Staff involved in the drafting and submission of proposal and reports to DG ECHO. This e-learning requires good computer skills and experience in the implementation and the management of ECHO Actions.

Number of participants

No limits


The course lasts approximately 1 hours and should be completed within 20 days.

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Course Prices
free of charge

Training financed under the DG-ECHO Framework Contract

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TypeDateLocationTitleLanguageTarget GroupStatus 
e-learningAlways openOn the WebBecome a master of APPEL and the Single Form offline applicationEnglishRestricted to ECHO-partners staffAPPLY
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