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Project Description

The project “There isn’t a PLANet B! Win-win strategies and small actions for big impacts on climate change” aims at introducing practical models of economic and social behaviours where the global interdependence and the sense of co-responsibility of European society on climate change challenges also triggers clear and sound practices within the European Union, by enabling small and medium CSOs in the partner countries to become active at local, regional and national levels.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with the European Commission (DG Europeaid) for three years (2017 – 2020) under Development Education and Raising Awareness (DEAR) Programme, whose specific objective is to develop European citizens’ awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world and of their role, responsibility and lifestyles in relation to a globalised society.

The action is leaded by Fondazione punto.sud and involves project partners from Romania (Asociatia Servicul Apel), Portugal (AMI – Fundação de Assistência Médica Internacional), Spain (Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad Internacional), Germany (finep akademie e.V.) and Hungary (Hungarian Baptist Aid).

The third parties (around 90 CSOs) represent the direct target group of this project. The project identifies three different incentives: funds, knowledge and contacts. Therefore, the project is built around three main components:

  1. Financial support
  2. Capacity development/Knowledge sharing
  3. Strengthening networking opportunities

The final beneficiaries are the European citizens (estimated in 500.000) target of the supported actions, who will enhance awareness on the global impacts on climate change and reduction of consequences for the global South on a longhand scale. Local governments, CSOs (and individuals) from  third countries and other institutions, involved in action activities, are also considered beneficiaries, since some project inputs are expected to positively impact on them. The project will have an impact on three different levels:

  • Local level: third parties will implement small actions involving citizens and local communities, in cooperation with municipalities and regions, aiming to change behaviour of citizens and decision makers;
  • National level, due to the constant contact and possible cooperation among third parties, applicant, co-applicants and network stakeholders of the same countries
  • Pan-European level, seeking to produce results on European scale, third parties and project partners will have Europe wide interventions involving coordinated actions and a coherent approach in the six countries.

Main activities

  • Launch of the awareness campaign There isn’t a PLANet B
  • Financial support to small and medium-sized CSOs from six partners’ countries
  • Development of a common communication strategy and creation of a virtual hub to collect, promote and share experiences and good practices
  • Set up of an helpdesk to support the selected CSOs
  • Definition and delivery of a training program in each partner’s country
  • Organisation of conferences / meetings with third parties and local authorities in each partner’s country

Multimedia materials

Call small grants "100.000 € per la sostenibilità" (deadline 30/06/2018)

Project Website

Project Website
Project Website (in Italian)

Project Details

Title   There isn’t a PLANet B! Win-win strategies and small actions for big impacts on climate change

Country   Italy, Romania, Portugal, Spain, GermanyHungary

Donor   European Commission – Directorate-General for Internal Cooperation & Development

Budget Line   EuropeAid/151103/DH/ACT/Multi (Development Education and Raising Awareness Programme)

Reference Number   CSO-LA/2017/388-137

Sectors   development awareness, environment, financial support to third parties, support to civil society

Implementing Partners

  • Asociatia Servicul Apel (Romania)
  • AMI – Fundação de Assistência Médica Internacional (Portugal)
  • Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad Internacional (Spain)
  • Finep akademie e.V. (Germany)
  • Hungarian Baptist Aid (Hungary)

Overall project value   EUR 4.569.531

% of donor’s funding   90%

Dates (start/end)   November 17 – October 20


  • 500.000 European citizens
  • 90 small-medium European civil society organisations
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