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Evaluation Description

Tdh Italy aims to give a rapid response to the current needs targeting especially children through a comprehensive intervention.

The purpose of the proposed intervention is to activate a Multi Purpose Mobile Unit which will adapt its activities on the basis of the actual needs identified in each target area.

Considering the high mobility of the IDP and Syrian refugee population and the challenges in tracking their movements, the objectives are reached thought the action of a Mobile Unit that is able to target the areas which are most in need and to follow the fluidity of the situation. Thanks to its outstanding experience, TdH Italy is able to coordinate and cooperate with local authorities, UN and INGOs, in order to adapt and work according to changes in the situation as well as to assess the rapidly changing of the situation and of the needs.

The action undertaken by the mobile unit and coordinated with Local Institutions such as schools and Community Centers to contribute to the creation of a Common Space for all population groups such as: IDPs, Syrian Refugees and Local Vulnerable host community members

In fact, a core point of the intervention is strong sustainability factor together with a double approach: addressing the immediate needs, while keeping considering longer term needs and issues a joint emergency and development approach.

The purpose of this contract is to fulfil the identified objectives through different:

·        To identify properly the variables/factors to be studied, focusing the attention on the gaps between the benchmarking and the system adopted by Terre des Hommes.

·        To collect and elaborate data and information with regard to the questions formulated.

·        To finalise the analysis of the survey and to submit the report.

Type of services provided

Finalisation of the objective of the research
• Preliminary contact with Terre des Hommes Desk in charge of project management;
• Analysis of all available documentation on the projects and the actors concerned; analysis of existing strategic materials; analysis of the action alignment to the Terre des Hommes policy, to the “BMZ” one as well as to the Protection Cluster principles and strategic approach;
• Preliminary identification of the relevant stakeholders/key informants in the projects;
• Action appraisals and elaboration of theory of change (includes Project problem and logframe analysis);
• Elaboration of inception report;
• Finalisation of survey (finalisation of assessment matrix, deviation from plan matrix and other tools), collecting materials and workplan.
Survey: data collection and analysis
• Identification of influential factors;
• Deviations from plan analysis, Stakeholder analysis (limited to the identification of main links among all the organisations involved and their capacity to expand benefits and optimise resources) and Partnership/management analysis (internal communications, main stakeholders perception concerning the matching own mission/project outcomes, satisfactions, threats for the future, limitations, coping mechanism envisaged);
• Collection of information and opinion (perception) regarding stakeholders, key informants, project national staff, beneficiaries; collecting information regarding communication/dissemination strategy;

Elaboration of data debriefing and report preparation
• Triangulation of information and data;
• Possible Additional (ad hoc) investigation;
• Preliminary definition of evidences and recommendations;
• Preparation of draft report;
• Organisation of debriefing with Terre des Hommes;
• Finalisation and submission of report.

Pictures by Terre des Hommes Italy. All rights reserved.

Evaluation Details

Type of Evaluation  Final Evaluation

Evaluation Dates (start/end)   December  2015

Country  The Kurdistan Region of North Iraq (KR-I)

Overall Evaluation Value   EUR 10.000

Project Title   “Establishment of child protection mechanism for IDPs, refugees and children of host communities in North Iraq”

Donor   The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Sectors   Child protection

Leading Agency  & Resource Partners

  • Terre des Hommes Germany,
  • Delegation in Erbil, Ainkawa, Ashti district, Erbil, Erbil Governorate (Kurdistan Region of Iraq)

Dates (start/end)   October 2014 – December 2015

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