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Project Description

In 2014 punto.sud and the Vallerani System s.r.l. started a partnership to support the knowledge and dissemination of the Vallerani System, a fast and natural way to combat desertification and climate change while still respecting biodiversity. Desertification is a worldwide phenomenon and affects about 41% of the Earth’s landmass, in areas where lives over one billion poor or vulnerable people.

The Vallerany System is a new approach to the technical and socio-economic management of both human and natural resources to restore and recuperate degraded soils, used in different countries all over the world. It makes use of the Delfino plow invented and patented by Dr. Venanzio Vallerani and manufactured by Nardi. The plow creates a system of micro-basins and underground bags which collect rainwater, over flow and other resources available like fine soil, organic matter, seeds, etc. The Vallerany System allows for direct seeding of native plants (possibly supplemented by transplantation of nursery species) whose germination and growth is possible thanks to the water collected into the micro-basins.

The Vallerany System is expected to produce ecological benefits (maintenance and growth of natural biodiversity; decreased soil erosion; decrease of floodings; wind speed reduction; increase of precipitation and infiltration of water into the ground; only use of rain water by the VS; CO2 storage), social benefit (reduction of hunger and poverty; reduction of emigration; increase of hope and initiative; environmental education and responsability; training of skilled labor) and economic benefit (use of local workforce in disadvantaged areas; reuse of abandoned lands also for crop production; speed and optimization of the operation; increase of the value of the treated land; annual value of the volume of wood produced by the trees; value of undergrowth production; value of agricultural production, fruit and medicinal plants; development of local handicraft market; value of the production provided by wild and domestic animals).

The purpose of the collaboration between punto.sud and the Vallerani System s.r.l. is to spread the use of the Vallerani System in development and humanitarian programmes through the implementation of projects fighting desertification and aiming at sharing good practices in the field of agriculture.

punto.sud is providing its support in the framework of the partnership implementing the following activities:

  • Support in the definition of the capacity building program in the framework of the following topics: strategic planning, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, human resources management, organizational management, visibility, youth motivation, advocacy, communication and fundraising;
  • Design and delivery of an introductory e-learning course. This e-learning introduces the Vallerani System, its purpose and benefits for the organisations interested in purchasing this system. It also provides best practices and additional resources (the course is available at this link);
  • Realisation of need assessment and feasibility studies in different countries suffering from desertification to verify the pre-conditions for the application of the Vallerani System;
  • Preparation and submission of project proposals aiming at fighting against desertification through the application of the Vallerani System, in partnership with Vallerani System s.r.l.

Multi-media Links

E-learning Vallerani system
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Project Website

Project Website

Project Details

Title   Dissemination of the Vallerani System in agricultural, livestock and environmental programmes fighting against desertification, hunger and poverty

Country   worldwide

Donor   punto.sud funds

Sectors   agriculture, livestock, environment, food security, social business

Implementing Partners

  • Vallerani System s.r.l. (I)

Dates (start/end)   October 14 – on going


  • Local vulnerable communities suffering from hunger, soil and environmental degradation
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