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Project Description

The project Strengthening of the agriculture capacity and development of sustainable and environmental friendly practices for the benefit of the most vulnerable household living in Siraro, Oromia, Ethiopia has the objective to improve the living conditions of 280 vulnerable families residing in the municipality of Ropi (Ethiopia) in relation to the nutritional, economic and environmental spheres. The project is implemented by punto.sud in partnership with the Italian NGO Centro Italiano Aiuti all’Infanzia (CIAI), as leading agency, and the Ethiopian organisation Ecological Products of Ethiopia (ECOPIA) and is financed by Fondazione Cariplo and Regione Lombardia.

More specifically, the project intends to spread different cultures based on the identified hypothesis that the presence of vegetables in the daily life of most disadvantaged households was far to be optimal. In order to enhance the local production and improve the income in the target area the project works also to channel towards the outside part of the agricultural production.

To ensure a solid knowledge for future interventions, the project tries also to better analyse the validity of the changing mechanisms identified. The hypothesis is that the household members (especially women) have limited their choices (options) not (only) because of a lack of knowledge but, more specifically, because of a difficult access to inputs and services. These limits, in addition, are also seen as an obstacle to the production sale.

The project is divided in three main components:

  • A first set of activities focuses on the diversification and growth of the production with regard vegetable gardens.
  • A second set of activities is implemented to support the establishment and the production of an ad-hoc created business unit, aimed at ensuring a stronger connection with the local markets.
  • A third component, finally, is the execution of an impact evaluation, analysing the project impact on target households in the nutrition sphere (better nutritional standard achieved, especially for children) and economic sphere (increased income). For this purpose an experimental evaluation is carried out by punto.sud with the selection of a counterfactual group to properly assess change.

punto.sud, as project partner, participates to the project assisting the CIAI Project Manager in the implementation of activities in Italy and Ethiopia, mainly in programming, monitoring and evaluation. Secondly, punto.sud, in co-operation with CIAI, managed the counterfactual evaluation, implementing an “experimental” study (dif and dif and RCT) to define the project’s impact (pre and post comparison group analysis). The data collection was carried out at two different times, at the beginning and end of the project by local enumerators (not part of the project team and contracted separately) to one group of beneficiaries and to a second control group previously identified.

The impact evaluation exercise foresaw the following components: desk review (definition of theory of changes, preparation of baseline and follow up); field surveys (training of enumerators, data collection (baseline end line), quantitative analysis); elaboration (data processing (pre and post situation), identification of “net impact”, elaboration of conclusion); reporting / dissemination (preparation of report, quality control and consistency of reporting, final workshop with project implementers).

Pictures by Valetina Rotondi. All rights reserved.

Project Details

Title   Strengthening of the agriculture capacity and development of sustainable and environmental friendly practices for the benefit of the most vulnerable household living in Siraro, Oromia, Ethiopia

Country   Ethiopia (Siraro, Oromia)

Donor   Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo

Budget Line   call for proposal Favorire uno sviluppo sostenibile, attraverso la promozione economica e sociale delle popolazioni dei paesi in via di sviluppo

Reference Number   n/a

Sectors   agriculture, food security, social business, research & evaluation, impact evaluation

Implementing Partners

  • Centro Italiano Aiuti all’Infanzia – CIAI (I), leading agency
  • Ecopia – Ecological Products of Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Overall Project Value   EUR 299.555

Proportion carried out by punto.sud   31% (EUR 94.000)

% of donor’s funding   60%

Dates (start/end)   January 13 – March 15

Beneficiaries   280 vulnerable families residing in the municipality of Ropi (Ethiopia)

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