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Project Description

The “Jeunes Filles pour l’Agro” project (JFpA) represents a particular intervention financed by Fondazione Milano per EXPO 2015 (FMpE), which aims to contribute to the sustainable economic integration of female members of cooperatives working in the processing of agricultural products in the Savannah region in Togo. The Savannah region is the area of the country with the greatest development problems.

Female education is a problem throughout Togo. Lack of schooling penalises girls, 65.6% of whom are unable to read or write, against 29.7% of boys. A very large number of girls drop out of school because it’s easier to find a future working in the fields, marrying early and having a lot of children. In the Savannah region agriculture is the main activity and the cultivation of tomatoes has a significant role, but despite this the organisation in the production chain is weak and insufficient. Tomatoes are produced from September to May and yields alternate, from excess production that drives prices down below cost to poor harvests that drive prices above what the public can afford.

There are groups of women that work in the production chain and also in rudimentary transformation processes (dried tomatoes and pulp production). But this happens without adequate professional training, in a disorganised way and with little attention to quality.

The intervention promotes the following activities:

  • Training to improve technical abilities and improve the girl’s literacy;
  • Agroindustrial training to improve productivity and supply of machinery for the transformation of products (TomaTogo and FruiTogo);
  • Access to microcredit;
  • Acces to market;
  • Promotion and diffusion of best practices.

Within the 5-year initiative Jeune Filles pour l’Agrò, two complementary projects were financed by FMpE to punto.sud (Antenna Togo, Jeune Filles pour l’Agro – follow-up); the main task for punto.sud was to support the local partner Rafia to become independent in the management and to ensure a proper link between the technical partners (the Italian NGO Movimento per la Lotta Contro la Fame nel Mondo (MLFM) and the local NGO Recherche, Appui et Formation aux Initiatives d’Auto-développement (RAFIA) and the donor. This in a view to ensure future sustainability of the project, through the improvement of the organisation, control and monitoring, with particular reference to data collection, thus promoting a partnership approach.

Within this context, punto.sud implemented an additional component called “Antenna Togo”, to ensure a constant and active follow up of the entire project in support to the dedicated project management functions set up by the technical partners. In particular, punto.sud has acted to ensure the monitoring of the project, covering both operational components and the administration (including the procedural mechanism and the verification of the correct application of the method adopted by the FMpE).

The main project activities managed by punto.sud are the following:

  • Activation of an independent antenna for monitoring;
  • Development of monthly monitoring sheets to FMpE;
  • Development of tools of analysis and evaluation to supplement the information provided by the monitoring;
  • Management and support aimed at facilitating the closing phase of the project, in partnership with MLFM and Rafia;
  • Technical Sector Support (also for the development of a commercial network);
  • Collection of data needed to communication campaigns promoted by FMpE;
  • Creation of ad hoc interventions to ensure the maintenance and the coverage of the operating costs of the project infrastructures;
  • Helpdesk service;
  • Support to the elaboration of an exit strategy.

On October 26, 2015, thanks to a fund-raising event organised by Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015 and by Associazione Arte Continua at the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato, Euro 136.200 were collected and donated to the Jeunes Filles Pour l’Agrò project in Togo, and will be used to buy earthmoving equipment to permit access to water in the field, particularly for project cultivations at risk of drought.

Jeunes Filles pour l’Agro was one of the winners of the Projects for Women contest, promoted by Women for Expo and the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015.

Multi-media Links

Project Website

Project website
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Project Details

Title   Jeunes Filles pour l’Agrò (Togo)

Country   Togo

Donor   Fondazione Milano per EXPO 2015

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Number   n/a

Sectors   agriculture, social business, support to local NGOs, support to international NGOs

Implementing Partners

  • Movimento per la Lotta alla Fame nel Mondo – MLFM (I)
  • Recherche, Appui et Formation aux Initiatives d’Auto-développement – RAFIA (Togo)

punto.sud project value   EUR 59.720 (EUR 1.400.00 for the whole initiative)

Proportion carried out by punto.sud   100%

% of donor’s funding   100%

Dates (start/end)   October 2011 – on going


  • Young Togolese women
  • RAFIA staff
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