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Evaluation Description

The Country Program in India, Sri Lanka and Ecuador is an initiative financed by Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Peppino Vismara within the call for proposal Promuovere ’Progetti Paese’. The program aims at promoting country-projects through local and transnational development actions.

Three projects, implemented by the Italian NGOs FEM, ICEI and ACRA, were financed under the call for proposal in Ecuador, India and Sri Lanka:

  • Ecuador: rimesse per lo sviluppo: this project, implemented by the Italian NGO ACRA aimed at contributing to the economic and social growth of the Ecuadorian population through the involvement of migrant communities in Italy to promote, in particular through better channeling of remittances, co-development actions in the country of origin.
  • Modelli microimprenditoriali e servizi per lo sviluppo socio-economico dei ‘working poor’ in India – Soluzioni d’impresa per il cambiamento sociale: this project, implemented by the Italian organisation FEM, intended to contribute to improving the living conditions of the working poor in India, through the development of micro-finance networks, innovative models of micro-entrepreneurial activities, development cooperation along the axis ‘south-south’ and the link between the people of Punjab and migrant communities in Italy.
  • In rete per lo sviluppo locale e transnazionale. Creazione di micro e piccole imprese multisettoriali in Sri Lanka: the project, implemented by the Italian NGO ICEI, had the overall objective of contributing to the socio-economic development and improving the quality of life of the population of Sri Lanka. The main aim was to contribute to support a culture of dialogue and integration in Italy between the Italian and Sri Lankan citizens and the growth of micro and small enterprises in Sri Lanka in agriculture, livestock and sustainable tourism sectors, involving the Sri Lankan community in Italy for the promotion of culture, economy and tourism of the country of origin.

Within this framework, the monitoring and evaluation of the whole program was awarded to punto.sud, following a negotiated procedure.

punto.sud has thus developed an evaluation system to assess the progress and results achieved of the three projects. The punto.sud Monitoring & Evaluation service ensured:

  • The development of a monitoring and reporting system able to detect systematically the progress of project activities and produce the necessary information for periodic and overall assessment of the projects.
  • A critical support to the implementation process to highlight and communicate to the foundations and to the implementing actors problems, inconsistencies and obstacles on the path of project implementation.
  • The monitoring and evaluation activity includes the conception of the structure and the contents of the reports (with a narrative and a financial section) prepared quarterly by the implementing organizations to state the degree of progress of their projects and monitoring missions in the field.

Besides, one of the thematic issue of the monitoring and evaluation exercise is the co-development dimension of the program, with main reference to the role immigrants and diaspora associations may play in implementing transnational development initiatives.

Type of services provided

  • Support to International NGOs
  • Support to donors
  • Monitoring and Evaluation activities
  • Support to the implementation process

Evaluation Details

Type of Evaluation   Monitoring & Evaluation

Evaluation Dates (start/end)   May 10 – October 14

Country   Ecuador, Sri Lanka and India

Overall Evaluation Value   EUR 286.450

Project Title   Country Program in Ecuador, India and Sri Lanka

Donor   Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Peppino Vismara

Budget Line   call for proposal “Promuovere Progetti Paese”

Reference Project Number   n/a


agricultural and rural development, start – up and strenghtening of micro-credit enterprises and economic activities, fair trade, co – development

Implementing Organisations

  • ACRA (I)
  • ICEI (I)
  • FEM (I)

Overall Project Value   EUR 1.814.355

Dates (start/end)   2010 – 2014

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