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Evaluation Description

Fondazioni4Africa is a project jointly funded by four Italian foundations of banking origin (Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Cariparma, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena), that joined their forces for the first time in such an endeavor, testifying to the new season of Italian foundations of banking origin that nowadays reach beyond sheer grant-making,  committing themselves to carrying out directly their own leading projects.

Foundations4Africa includes two 5-year actions, one in Northern Uganda and one in Senegal, with a budget of around € 15 million. The two actions are implemented locally by Italian organizations that have a long-standing experience in the field of international cooperation and humanitarian relief.

punto.sud was selected by Foundations4Africa to monitor and assess the initiatives in Northern Uganda. The action in Northern Uganda, officially  launched on October 1, 2008, and implemented by 7 organisations working in different sectors (i.e. education, health, agriculture, micro-credit, fair-trade and watsan) is geared to facilitate the return of internally displaced people  from IDP camps to their home villages or other resettlement areas in order to promote  sustainable local development and peace in the districts of Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum and Pader.

The evaluation exercise is divided in two phases.

  • The first phase (three years) was characterised by the development of a monitoring system for the projects implemented in North Uganda by the Italian NGOs. M&E activity had the objective to support the implementing organisations in their action.
  • In the second phase (two years) the evaluation exercise focused on the implementation of a social experimentation of horticulture actions implemented to support the diversification of diet among children attending schools. A counterfactual analysis was implemented through the observation of two parallel groups of beneficiaries: a treated group and a non-treated group.

The project outputs can be summarized as follows:

Standard M&E

  • Missions in the field planned and realized to collect data and verify information;
  • A regulatory/procedural/operational monitoring system developed through the use of standard forms and documents aimed at ensuring to F4A a rapid and efficient communication and information on the status of actions.

Social experiment

  • Elaboration of theory of changes and survey tools for the baseline survey (horticulture activity);
  • Data collection, data cleaning and first elaboration of results;
  • Follow up survey and elaboration of results;
  • Dissemination of information and feedback from implementing bodies ensured through evaluation reports and ad-hoc workshops;
  • Best practices created and systematised; criticalities identified during the project implementation.

Type of services provided

Suppport to donors, through:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme
  • Elaboration of methods and tools for social experiment
  • Baseline survey and follow up survey
  • Missions in the fields
  • Organization of workshops

Support to international NGOs implementing the projects

Evaluation Details

Type of Evaluation   Monitoring & Final Evaluation, Impact Evaluation

Evaluation Dates (start/end)  October 2009 – September 2014

Country   Uganda and Italy

Overall Evaluation Value   EUR 119.948

Project Title   Fondazioni4Africa North Uganda

Donor   Fondazioni4Africa (Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di Sanpaolo, Fondazione Cariparma, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena)

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Project Number   n/a

Sectors   health, agriculture, micro-credit, fair-trade and watsan

Implementing Partners

  • African Medical and Research Foundation – AMREF (I)
  • Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale – AVSI (I)
  • Cooperazione e Sviluppo – CESVI (I)
  • Cooperazione Internazionale – COOPI (I)
  • Fondazione Corti (I)
  • Good Samaritan (I)
  • CTM- Altromercato (I)

Overall Project Value   EUR 6.055.043

Project Dates (start/end)   October 2008 – October 2013

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