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Project Description

The punto.sudFood and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) program of information and capacity building is designed to meet the growing EU-FAO co-operation where the two institutions share a multitude of partnerships spanning many years with the common goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger around the world. The EU is in fact one of the major resource partners of FAO. Over the past three years (from 2012 to 2014), the EU contributed USD 512 million to trust funds implemented by FAO and, on the other hand, FAO is the third largest UN-recipients of EU funds.

Since 2009, FAO has entrusted eight projects to punto.sud with the objective to strengthening FAO’s staff (FAO Country Representatives, technical and operational staff active in Latin America, Middle East, Central and South-East Asia, Africa and Europe) with regard of the mobilisation of EU resources for FAO development programme worldwide.

The main project activities may be summarised as follows:

  • Study and analysis of the European institutions, their decision-making mechanisms and policies on international development cooperation and humanitarian aid.
  • Development, dissemination and updating of a “flexible” training module (adaptable to the needs of the various FAO offices in the world) aimed at facilitating the FAO-EU cooperation at all stages of the project cycle. 29 courses have been implemented for the benefit of a total of 800 FAO officers and experts from over 80 countries in: Rome –  FAO HQs (Italy), Accra (Ghana) Lima (Peru), Bangkok (Thailand), Maputo, (Mozambique), Harare (Zimbabwe), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Cairo (Egypt), Budapest (Hungary), Ankara (Turkey), Santiago (Chile) and Tunis (Tunisia).
  • The development of e-tools to facilitate the work of the FAO regional offices, in countries where FAO has ongoing EU-funded action (establishment of a dedicated Intranet, preparation of e-learning courses).

In particular, the program aims at ensuring:

  • An assessment aimed at gathering information about the most criticalities encountered by FAO in the processes of design, implementation and evaluation of FAO-EU projects;
  • The identification and sharing of information of the main EU cooperation policies (e.g. strategic documents and multi-annual programming);
  • The development of a good partnership FAO-EU, encouraging proper planning of interventions within the guidelines proposed by the EU;
  • The creation of proper guidelines for accountable implementation and reporting of projects, in line with the FAO and EU PAGoDA procedures.

Multi-media Links

FAO-EU partnership website

Project Details

Title  Development and delivery of FAO learning programme and management services on EU-related resource mobilization

Country   worldwide

Donor   Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Number   GF.SEUDD.RAX01, E1090302.5571, PR 47139, PO279320, UN 21020928, PO304675, PO307989, PO313536

Sectors   civil society, humanitarian aid, learning & training

Implementing Partners  n/a

Overall project value   EUR 267.448

Proportion carried out by punto.sud   100%

% of donor’s funding   100%

Dates (start/end)   March 2008 – on-going


  • 823 FAO Country Representatives, Country Representatives Assistants, Programme Assistants and Sub-Regional Technical Officers, Operational Officers and Administrative Officers (field trainings)
  • FAO staff in general (e-learning and Intranet and website)
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