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Project Description

The experience of decentralised cooperation between Trentino and the district of Caia in Mozambique was established in 2000 under the Local Human Development Programme (PDHL) that UNOPS (United Nations Organisation for Project Service) was implementing in Mozambique with funds from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). Prompted by civil society, the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) adhered to PDHL seeing in it a chance to experiment a new approach towards cooperation based on building local partnerships and establishing relations between decentralised entities and members of civil society of the two territories.

The programme (still on-going) right from the beginning fostered a stronger “decentralised approach” characterised to a strong presence and role in Caia district by different actors of the Trentino Civil Society aimed at strengthening democratic processes, self-development in the community and cooperation between civil society and public administration. The work was carried out directly with the district departments to encourage the involvement and empowerment of local institutions in the responsible planning and management of development projects.

Within this context, punto.sud has been engaged to cooperate with the Consorzio Associazioni per il Mozambico – CAM (the organisation formed to coordinate the programme) and the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT, the resource partner) to accompany these two institutions in the design of the overall strategy, fostering an accountable process thus facilitating the consolidation and promotion of the “model” of cooperation implemented.

Main project activities
The punto.sud team set up a dedicated helpdesk, including the presence of one punto.sud senior staff member in Trento, focused on the development of quality management tools.
The punto.sud main helpdesk activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Constant dialogue with the PAT and the CAM staff;
  • Monitoring of the activities undertaken by the programme with a special focus on the financial and administrative aspects of the project;
  • Management of relations with partners, institutions, other donors and specialised agencies;
  • Constant follow up and capacity building action carried out targeting project administrators and programme managers;
  • Development of different technical groups in charge to support and monitor the activities in the different above mentioned sectors.

Licenza Creative Commons   Pictures by Giampaolo Rama (2009)

Project Details

Title   Helpdesk support to the decentralised cooperation program between the Province of Trento (Italy) and the Sofala Region (Mozambique) for the years 2005-2007

Country   Italy – Mozambique

Donor   Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)

Budget Line   n/a

Reference Number   n/a

Sectors   Support to donors, Institutional building, Governance

Implementing Partners

  • CAM – Consorzio Associazioni con il Mozambico

Overall project value   EUR 32.400

Proportion carried out by punto.sud  100%

% of donor’s funding   100%

Dates (start/end)   January 05 – December 07


  • Public officers, Civil Society Organisations, Citizens of Caia District
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