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Project Description

1Planet4All is a 3-year project co-funded by the European Union (EuropeAid DEAR budget line), aimed at raising awareness and critical understanding of the European youths in 12 EU member states about climate change to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and inspire their active engagement in concrete actions for safe, inclusive and ‘climate smart’ communities. The key change expected will contribute to foster the active citizenship of European youths to address Agenda 2030, by enhancing the sense of inter-dependency, personal responsibility and solidarity between developed and developing countries for a sustainable future for all.

Three are the key outputs expected:

  • Enhanced understanding of at least 8.555.000 EU young people in 12 EU member states of the impact of climate change at global level, including the impact on migration and of the urgency for individual and collective action;
  • A new generation of 147.940 young leaders in 12 EU member states has been inspired, trained and up-skilled to become agents of change and encourage their peers and decision makers to take action in their daily lives to fight climate change and to strive for structural change;
  • At least 26.380 young people in the 12 EU member states have developed concrete ideas and taken action to tackle climate change and its related issues.

A joint campaign will be launched to cover all the 12 EU partner countries and will be complemented by campaigns at national level, to enhance the youths’ understanding on the themes of the project. Activities to encourage youths to take action will be implemented, together with initiatives to boost their engagement.

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Project Details

Title  1Planet4All – Empowering youth, living EU values, tackling climate change

Country   Italy & other 11 EU countries

Donor  European Commission – Directorate-General for Internal Cooperation & Development

Budget Line   EuropeAid/160048/DH/ACT/Multi (Development Education and Raising Awareness Programme

Reference Number   CSO-LA/2019/410-122

Sectors   development awareness, campaigning, youths, climate change, SDGs

Overall project value   EUR 7.778.000

% of donor’s funding   90%

Dates (start/end)   February 20 – January 23


  • 555.555 youths (15-35) will enhance their awareness
  • 940 young leaders will be inspired to become agents of change
  • 380 young people have developed concrete ideas
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