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Project Description

The project Dimensione L’ UDA pursues the scholastic inclusion of vulnerable students in particularly disadvantaged areas of the metropolitan city of Genova. It is based on the fundamental postulate is that inclusion is facilitated by the increase the levels of knowledge and competence of the students in the transition between the cycle primary and secondary. To this end it provides for the definition and the administration of a batch of Learning Teaching Units (UDA) elaborated by a Scientific Committee of excellence, consistent with the schools’ program, equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools, contextualised in the territory of reference (Archaeological Area of the Gardens Luzzati – AAGL). Through specific trainings of teachers and other actors of the educating community, a plausible perspective of continuity and sustainability of the project through the opening of the area to the public.

Within this framework, our contribution to the project involves the following activities:

  • The accompaniment to the finalization of the monitoring system, aimed at systematically detecting the progress of the main variables necessary for the verification of the model and measuring the outcomes of the main actions on the identified target groups
  • The implementation of a system of monitoring and reporting of the progress of the program, able to systematically detect the progress of the project activities and to produce the information necessary for the periodic and overall control of the projects. In this context, punto.sud was engaged to develop the format for the detection of results in order to ensure the project (and the program) a system for collecting the priority information in order to allow a collection of quantitative data of output and outcome. Together with this action, a complementary work of collecting qualitative information related to the implementation of the projects (deviation from the plan, criticality, elements of strength and opportunities) is also required.
  • Based on the data collected, punto.sud develop a final evaluation (at the end of the project) and an impact evaluation (2 years after project End)

Multi-media Links

Giardini Luzzati
Il Cesto

Project Details

Title  Dimensione L’ UDA 

Country   Italy, Liguria

Donor Con i bambini – Social Entreprise

Budget Line   Nuove Generazioni 5-14 anni

Reference Number  2017-GER-00870

Sectors   Combat youth education poverty

Implementing Partners

  • Cooperativa Sociale Il Ce.Sto
  • Giardini Luzzati
  • Associazione Bal.Ga.Sar
  • Associazione Festival della Scienza
  • Comune di Genova – Direzione Scuola e Politiche Giovanili
  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto per le Tecnologie didattiche
  • Federazione Regionale Solidarietà e Lavoro
  • Fondazione Luzzati – Teatro della Tosse
  • sud
  • Istituto Comprensivo Centro Storico Di Genova
  • Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
  • Società Cooperativa Archeologia
  • Università degli Studi Di Genova – Dipartimento Di Informatica , Bioingegneria, Robotica & Ingegneria Dei Sistemi

Overall project value  726.900,78 €

% of donor’s funding   93.6%

Dates (start/end)   January 2018 – December 2022


  • Vulnerable students of Genova and surrounding areas
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