We implement and evaluate inclusive education projects, while promoting knowledge sharing also through our Academy.

Working to ensure that education is for everyone, especially for children and teenagers is  always reassuring: you can’t go wrong!

This is why we always try to emphasize the concepts of “inclusive education” and “equity” in our actions

The underlying idea is that of putting  knowledge learning at the basis of all collaborations and development, knowledge for everyone, young and old, people with disabilities and vulnerable groups. A journey towards autonomy and one of relationship building that never ends, always offering opportunities to improve and to find solutions to local and global problems.

A vision that PuntoSud carries out by acting in three complementary and synergistic ways: 1) intervening directly and working in partnership in projects that focus on inclusive education; 2) supporting institutions (donors and implementers) in monitoring and evaluating the activities promoted and implemented in the educational field, through the l’Evaluation Lab; 3) Offering training courses through the PuntoSud Academy.

SDG 4: Quality education



Critical accompaniment of the “ZeroSei” program

Belgium, Brasil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Empowering Urban Youth For Climate Action


Health and Nutrition for Mayo’s Vulnerable Population

El Salvador

Inclusion and claiming the rights of people with disabilities


Independence and autonomy of people with disabilities in Gaza

World Wide

PuntoSud Academy

Sierra Leone

Surgical and trauma health response in Sierra Leone

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Training and support services to the DG ECHO staff and partners


We repair objects, we recreate relationships. At the school of circular economies at Lab Barona


Zero in conduct: in-formative actions driven by young people, teachers and citizens to reduce environmental impact