We promote and implement local climate adaptation actions in Italy and around the world, in partnership with small civil society organisations.

An ancient Native American saying says: “We don’t inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children.”

Wise words  which consider the protection and safeguarding of the environment as essential not only for our lives, but also for those of future generations. The beauty of considering the defence of landscapes, cultures and resources as a fundamental commitment to avoid the irreparable damage of the rise in global temperatures is seen as central to our actions. An ambitious goal, one which an organisation like PuntoSud cannot tackle on its own.

However, by looking at the opportunities that are opening up, at the paths that must be taken both to mitigate climate change and to manage current and future transformations, PuntoSud has decided to contribute by being fully  committed to supporting local climate adaptation actions carried outby small civil society organisations in Italy and worldwide.

SDG 13:Climate Actions



B Circular, fight climate change!


Capacity building and follow up services for the empowerment of the beneficiaries awarded through the call “Reazioni” promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo

Italy, Turkey, Western Balkans

Civil society and environmental networks in the Balkans and Turkey


Crowdfunding, promotion and maintenance of urban green areas


Development of an agriculture resilient to climate change in Nepal


Environment and participatory processes: Milan in the future

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain

Mindchangers: Regions and youth for Planet and People

Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain

NOPLANETB EU: small actions for big impacts on climate change


NOPLANETB HUB: co-programming against climate change


NOPLANETB, the “L’infastruttura” for territorial sustainability

Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain

NOPLANETB: Bridging science and society to foster inclusive transition strategies


Sustainable models of active mobility in Milan


We repair objects, we recreate relationships. At the school of circular economies at Lab Barona


Zero in conduct: in-formative actions driven by young people, teachers and citizens to reduce environmental impact