We work towards sustainably trying to reduce all forms of inequality by enhancing the potential of individuals, informal groups and civil society organisations.

When we think of inequalities we often think of people in the countries of the global south who lack the economic resources necessary to meet their basic needs.

However, this isn’t it.. Inequalities are a growing phenomenon everywhere, in the north and south of the world, and they take different forms: inequality in terms of work/income, of course, but also in terms of access to resources, education, services, opportunities of movement, expression and decision making, to name a few.

In developing our actions, we always aim to evaluate a simple indicator: the sustainable reversal of these trends.

Also in this case, we place the enhancement of the potential of people, informal groups and civil society organisations at the centre of our actions, due to the important role that these actors have in connecting resources and facilitating virtuous, inclusive processes that are truly capable of removing barriers and triggering new opportunities for collaboration.

SDG 10 – Reduce inequalities


Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

“IJRAAT —Investing in a Joint procedure-Ready and compliant Approach to the Application of EU PRAG rules through Training”


Elaboration of a theory of change of two projects of the Ufficio Pio

Belgium, Brasil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Empowering Urban Youth For Climate Action


Environment and participatory processes: Milan in the future


Evaluation of DGCS-MAE Initiatives in the Health Sector in Mozambique

World Wide

Evaluation of the IFRC ECHO Coordination process


Fight against energy poverty: evaluation of the Doniamo Energia Calls

Burkina Faso, Italy

Foundations for Africa – Burkina Faso


Health and Nutrition for Mayo’s Vulnerable Population

El Salvador

Inclusion and claiming the rights of people with disabilities


Independence and autonomy of people with disabilities in Gaza

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia

Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality II – Civil society facility South

Italy, Senegal

Migration, diaspora and economic development in Senegal

Ecuador, India, Sri Lanka

Monitoring and evaluation of the projects funded within the call for proposal “Country Programs” in India, Sri Lanka and Ecuador


NOPLANETB, the “L’infastruttura” for territorial sustainability


Promoting a culture of peace and non violence


Responsible tourism and sustainable economic development in Bolivia

World Wide

Specialised training programme for AICS staff


Strengthening of emergency medical services in the City of Beira

Italy, Sri Lanka

Support to the Italian Civil Protection for the management of the Tsunami Disaster Program

Sierra Leone

Surgical and trauma health response in Sierra Leone


Sustainable models of active mobility in Milan

Africa, Italy

Systemic approaches for multi-actor interventions in Africa


Testing a Result Based approach for the financing of the pediatric services