SUBLIME – SDGs Unite Border communities as Leaders of Inclusiveness, Mobilisation and Empowerment

SUBLIME aims to support local authorities in raising awareness about global interdependencies, gender equality, and sustainability in EU border towns and islands. It focuses on empowering citizens, promoting climate actions, and fostering gender equality. The project builds on past initiatives and partnerships to enhance SDG-focused policy-making and inclusive societies.

In the past 15 years, municipalities have gained significance in promoting sustainable development by prioritizing the common good and embracing their role in the global agenda. Local Authorities (LAs) are vital in addressing global challenges, aligning strategies with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and collaborating with civil society organizations (CSOs) for comprehensive sustainable development encompassing economic, social, and environmental dimensions. However, border towns and islands confront unique sustainability issues such as irregular migration flows, lacking recognition, support, and coordination within states and among each other. Similarly, smaller municipalities encounter challenges in networking, prompt action, and citizen engagement.

To address these issues, SUBLIME aims to assist LAs as non-formal Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) actors, enhancing community understanding of global interdependencies including gender equality, environmental sustainability, and global warming. The project seeks to foster inclusive EU border towns and islands, promoting interconnected societies with a sense of co-responsibility for local and global sustainable development. Its objectives include empowering LAs to advocate sustainable lifestyles, climate actions, and gender equality, and encouraging citizen participation in tackling sustainable development challenges.

SUBLIME draws from past initiatives like “Snapshots from the Borders” and the Border Towns and Islands Network (BTIN), emphasizing the collaboration between LAs and CSOs. Partnerships with other organizations further strengthen the project’s impact.

Ultimately, SUBLIME aims to engage citizens in global sustainable development, fostering inclusive societies and empowering border communities to address global challenges effectively

Our activities:

Within the SUBLIME strategy, PuntoSud is in charge of the outline and design of the financial support to third parties mechanisms.


Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia


The partnership involves 11 local authorities and 14 CSOs in 11 countries

  • Italy: Comune di Lampedusa e Linosa, AMREF, Fondazione Punto.Sud, Lai-Momo Societa Cooperativa”
  • Malta: Kunsill Lokali Msida, Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali – Malta (Kopin)
  • Austria: Strass in Steiermark “Sudwind Verein Fur Entwicklungspolitik Und Globale Gerechtigkeit”
  • Bulgaria: Burgas Municipality, Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria Foundation
  • Cyprus: Nicosia Development Agency, “HFC “”HOPE FOR CHILDREN”” CRC POLICY CENTER”
  • Greece: Municipality Of West Lesvos, Impact Hub Labs
  • France: Grandesynthe
  • Hungary: Kisharsány Községi Önkormányzat, Cromo Alapítvány
  • Slovenia: “Zavod za izobraževanje in kulturo Črnomelj”,”Iscomet-Institut Za Etnicne In Regionalne Studije Zavod”
  • Romania: Tulcea PMT, Novapolis Association – Center Of Analysis And Initiatives For Development
  • Poland: The City of Suwałki, Fundacja Pomocy Wzajemnej Barka
  • EU Level: “ICLEI EUROPEAN SECRETARIAT GMBH; Impact Hub Association

European Union – DEAR Programme


  • 210 EU local authority (LA) representatives in the partner countries, including mayors, councillors and administrative staff
  • 30 LA representatives in the EU neighbourhood countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Tunisia
  • 150 policy-makers at national and European levels
  • 550 teachers and educators
  • 110 citizens promoting win-win actions inspired by social & sustainable business models
  • 15,000 youth aged 15 to 30, 2,200 citizens who are not sensitive to and involved in sustainable development and global challenges, and 1,100 marginalised community members.

EUR 5.965.174

2024 – 2028


Advocacy/Awareness raising/Comunication, Civil society, Environment/Fight against climate change, Granting and Sub-granting

SDGs Reduced Inequalities SDGs Sustainable cities and communities SDGs Climate Action


15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

  • €100.000

    valore progetto

  • 125

    alunni della scuola primaria

  • 250


  • 20



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