NOPLANETB HUB: co-programming against climate change

NOPLANETB is the first Italian HUB that aims to promote the spread of sustainable lifestyles by incubating, co-designing and financing communication, advocacy and awareness-raising ideas and initiatives promoted by small organizations of Italian civil society and aimed at raising awareness of citizens on the topic of climate change

Starting from 2017, and thanks to the There isn’t a PLANet B! Win-win strategies and small actions for big impacts on climate change, funded by the European Commission under the DEAR program (Development Education and Raising Awareness), PuntoSud has experimented, for the first time in Italy, the tool of financial support to third parties, a financing mechanism through which European Union funds have been disbursed to medium and small organizations.

Financial support is a tool to include in the financing mechanisms, thanks to the guarantees offered by the intermediary organization, small-sized organizations, which often have very limited managerial and financial skills, but innovative, replicable and scalable ideas and which are very active and capillaries in the territory for the reference community. It also allows organizations to participate in calls with simpler application and selection procedures.

The attention towards this tool has grown considerably in recent years, so the European Union considers it a key component of its calls for proposals.

Thanks to the experience acquired, PuntoSud guarantees, before launching the calls to finance the Organizations, to identify a particularly urgent topic of collective interest with CSOs and to develop a shared strategy between the donor and the PuntoSud Foundation.

PuntoSud monitors the project implementation process and the progress of the entire process and ensures that the results achieved are constantly checked. Furthermore, the CSOs are accompanied both in planning and in managing the funds, organizing training sessions for the same CSOs.

This training, detailed on the basis of the interests and characteristics of the small and medium-sized civil society organizations financed, includes meetings and workshops for sharing design methods and rules and project managing, as well as training on relevant topics for projects (crowdfunding, campaigning, storytelling, social marketing).

A helpdesk service is provided and is available to all funded organizations for the entire duration of the project. This service provides continuous support, guidance and answers to specific questions such as the preparation of management tools and the sharing of good practices among the financed organizations.

NOPLANETB has the communication as a transversal element at all levels due to the relevance it has in initiating a change on the issue of climate change, and to promote the development of a solid network among the organizations financed to start the development of strategic partnerships, or strengthen them.

To date, 6 calls have been launched, funding and supporting 58 organizations.






  • 190.000 citizens

1.120.000 EUR



Advocacy/Awareness raising/Comunication, Capacity building and professional training, Civil society, Education, Environment/Fight against climate change, Granting and Sub-granting, Sustainable development

SDGs Sustainable cities and communities  SDGs Climate Action


15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

  • €100.000

    valore progetto

  • 125

    alunni della scuola primaria

  • 250


  • 20



NOPLANETB: Bridging science and society to foster inclusive transition strategies

NOPLANETB is a project funded by the European Commission under the DEAR program, in which PuntoSud is the lead organization. The other EU countries involved are: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Estonia. 210 selected small sized CSOs in these 8 countries will receive financial and capacity building support, involving local authorities, to promote science-based solutions and just transition practices and policies. Final beneficiaries of the action will be disengaged citizens, including marginalised and vulnerable groups

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Capacity building and follow up services for the empowerment of the beneficiaries awarded through the call “Reazioni” promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo

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Zero in conduct: in-formative actions driven by young people, teachers and citizens to reduce environmental impact

Aim of the project is to provide tools and new spaces of dialogue in order to help the actors of the formal and informal field activate themselves through educational and training activities to fight climate change, after deeply understanding its mechanisms

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