Imagining the city of the future to build a decision-making, participatory and democratic process to build social cohesion and responding to climate change.

The project Milano in Cartoline – Imagining the city of the future aims to build a decision-making, participatory and democratic process with the citizens of 3 neighbourhoods in Milan (Ponte Lambro – Molise Calvairate Ponti – Gratosoglio), to plan with them the sustainable future of their territory, to build social cohesion and responding to climate change.

With the aim to building a participatory and democratic decision process with the citizens of the 3 project districts, to plan with them the sustainable future of their territories, in response to climate change and to build cohesion social, the 3 partner organizations carried out workshops with the citizens. During these moments, the inhabitants were invited to reflect about the specific needs of their neighborhood and the various realities that coexist there, about the human, material, energy and cultural resources, creating a specific local vision of sustainability through a participatory and democratic design process.

Each action therefore pursued the following objectives, in line with the objectives of the project:

  • Discussing issues related to environmental sustainability with the participants, in order to increase their knowledge about the conditions of the earth and letting them aware of the international objectives for its protection;
  • Promoting daily eco-sustainable behaviors, identified on the basis of specific needs identified personally;
  • Identifying strategies, tools and solutions to improve neighborhoods and cities environmentally;
  • Raising awareness on a larger scale.




  • 1.500 students, teachers and families


EUR 86.950


2021 – 2022


Advocacy/Awareness raising/Comunication, Capacity building and professional training, Environment/Fight against climate change

SDGs Reduced Inequalities SDGs Sustainable cities and communities SDGs Climate Action


  • 86.950

    valore progetto

  • 1.500

    studenti, insegnanti e famiglie


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