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Supply of training and support Services to the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO)

For over 15 years we have been supporting The Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) so as to facilitate a proper and transparent management of humanitarian interventions and an efficient and effective collaboration between the donor (EU) and the funding recipients (NGOs, International Organisations and Member States’ Specialised Agencies

This service contract has been requested by the Directorate General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) to provide training and support services to its staff and to its Partners’ Organisations staff.

PuntoSud is acting as consortium leader and as main expert in FPA and FAFA rules and procedures. Particip and MDF Training and Consultancy provide to the consortium their extensive, international experience in the field of Adult Learning and Training methodologies. Instituto de estudios sobre Conflictos y Accion Humanitaria (IECAH) and Groupe Urgence Rehabilitation Developpement (Groupe URD) add their specific knowledge and expertise on thematic policies related to the Humanitarian Aid Sector. Thanks to their different experiences and skills, this group of organisation is providing a wide spectrum of support services, in English, French and Spanish, through a variety of tools, which include:

  • Classroom training: Objective of these courses is that participants (DG ECHO and implementing agencies staff) acquire a good knowledge of the policies and procedures, know how to apply them correctly in their daily work and have a better mutual knowledge of each other’s roles and responsibilities. All the classroom training material is constantly reviewed and updated, taking into account eventual new rules or guidelines issued by DG ECHO, the evaluation reports provided by trainers and participants, the latest developments in the adult training methodologies.
  • Distance learning program: provision of eLearning, asynchronous courses and delivery of synchronous training sessions (webinars). The target groups of these trainings are humanitarian operators requiring more specific support or based in more remote locations which are normally not included in the annual training calendar. The asynchronous courses are designed using a variety of tools and methods that allow engaging lectures (videos, interviews, checklists, etc.) and more interactive sessions (knowledge tests, scenarios, discussion panels, etc.). The webinar sessions are provided taking into account the limits of the tool: as the direct interaction with participants is limited, extra care is taken to develop catchy and interesting visual elements and to insert as many pools and surveys as possible. All the distance learning material is constantly reviewed and updated, taking into account eventual new rules or guidelines issued by DG ECHO, the evaluation reports provided by participants, the latest developments in the adult training methodologies and in technology supporting tools.
  • Helpdesk website: a dedicated website for self-learning targeting DG ECHO’s partners has been developed to explain the main rules and procedures of project management. Three dedicated environments have been developed, taking into account the different sets of rules applying to NGOs, UN agencies and International Organisations. The added value of the helpdesk website is its organisation per topic, regardless the source of the information provided (legal framework, guidelines, fact sheets, FAQ, policy documents, etc.), to allow complete understanding of a specific issue without the need to browse all available documentation. The content of the Helpdesk website is constantly enriched with new documentation and supporting tools, as soon as they become available.
  • DG ECHO Visibility website: this dedicated website for visibility and communication, allows easy access to examples and good practices for the implementation of mandatory visibility and communication activities. Under this framework contract, PuntoSud is in charge of contents updates and of the upload of new visibility and communication material.
  • DG ECHO Humanitarian Food Assistance Website: this website is dedicated to the explanation of the priorities, tools and approaches of ECHO in providing Food Assistance. Under this framework contract, PuntoSud is in charge of contents updates and of the identification and upload of new documentation, as soon as it becomes available.
  • Helpdesk mail service: through this email, punto.sud provides day-to-day support to DG ECHO Partners’ staff, replying to questions related to administrative, legal, financial and procedural aspects in the management of DG ECHO-funded projects. When needed, the written reply is further complemented by direct conversations via Skype, to better clarify concepts or to allow a better understanding of the specific situation the Partner is facing.
  • Flash reports: Whenever DG ECHO introduces new provisions, publishes new documentation or organises Partnership-related events, it is of paramount importance that this information reaches the largest possible audience in the less possible time. For this reason, whenever needed, PuntoSud sends a Flash report to a wide list of Partners’ staff, who requested this service design and delivery of courses on Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) and Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement (FAFA) with regard of partnership rules, project cycle and procedures and on DG ECHO thematic policies.


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  • DG ECHO staff, working in Brussels or at field level
  • Staff belonging to Partner Organisations (including NGOs,
  • International Organisations, Member State Specialised Agencies, United Nations Agencies)
  • Other stakeholders (Auditors, Staff from Humanitarian Procurement Centers or Implementing Partners, etc.)

EUR 2.800.000

18 august 2018 – 22 august 2022


Capacity building and professional training, Civil society, Humanitarian aid/Emergency

4 Quality Education


  • €2.800.000

    project budget


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Through the project NOPLANETB Italy we promote and sustain the systemic joint effort on behalf of donors, local authorities and civil society organisations in order to implement pilot actions finalised at the adoption of sustainable behaviours capable of responding to the needs of all the subjects involved: citizens, businesses and public administration.

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Through the project, for over ten years we have been facilitating and supporting the work of environmental organisations in the Balkans and Turkey, through favouring a network building approach while promoting existing resources and opportunities within the different contexts.

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