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Training and helpdesk support services to the CSO/LA working with EuropeAid funds

Helpdesk Platform and Support to NSA/LA in Development Sector

Over a period of two years, the project sought to improve access to information, methods and best practices on EuropeAid grant contractual obligations to Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in NMS, thereby helping them to strengthen and broaden their international cooperation capacity.

In January 2009, the European Commission – DG EuropeAid funded-project entitled Helpdesk platform and support to New Member State (NMS) Non State Actors/Local Authorities in the Development Sector was launched by PuntoSud together with its four implementing partners (FoRS – Czech Forum for Development Co-operation from Czech Republic, AID 24 – Hungarian Baptist Aid from Hungary, Apel Service from Romania and People in Peril Association from Slovakia) and two Associates (Caritas Polska from Poland and Support to Life from Turkey).

Over a period of two years, the project sought to improve access to information, methods and best practices on EuropeAid grant contractual obligations to Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in NMS, thereby helping them to strengthen and broaden their international cooperation capacity. At the core of this effort were three main activities, or tools: a helpdesk, a website and a series of training sessions. These tools could provide needed support for organizations in Eastern Europe, as well as in other countries, working with DG EuropeAid.

Indeed, a preliminary needs analysis carried out by PuntoSud revealed that organizations throughout the EU – including, but not limited to, NMS – need assistance in planning and managing EC, and more specifically, EuropeAid projects.

In an attempt to address the needs and tackle the difficulties facing organizations throughout the EU, with a focus on NMS, the project designed the three tools for support and capacity building mentioned above. These tools are meant to be complementary and act as synergetic elements of a broader effort, as expressed in the specific objective: “Access to information, methods and best practices on AIDCO programmes contractual obligations guaranteed to New Member States NSA/AL wishing to strengthen and enlarge their cooperation.”

Each of the tools contributes to the project’s objective in its own way, providing for the different needs of users. The helpdesk offers day-to-day support to all organizations working with EuropeAid, both at headquarters and field level, by replying to queries on administrative, legal, financial and procedural aspects of preparing and managing EuropeAid-financed actions.
Secondly, the website contains information on upcoming trainings, downloadable documents, access to the manual “Il Trenino” and information related to all stages of the project cycle. Lastly, the training sessions are aimed at capacity building mainly in NMS, with a focus on EuropeAid funding modalities and project management.

Project main results
Two components formed the project development plan.
The first and main component included the establishment of the Helpdesk-platform and the running of the networking activities. Its main outcomes can be summarised as follows:

  • A dedicated helpdesk website devoted to facilitate the planning and management of AIDCO projects established for the entire life time of the project and after.
  • An helpdesk service created to support NMS organisations/platforms with a working team daily available to answer to questions, requests for models or advice to better deal with the design/management of EC funded development projects.
  • A comprehensive manual on administrative and contractual obligations of EC funded development projects (the Trenino– last updating September 2011) produced and shared among all interested organisations, decreasing the risk of misunderstanding of rules and procedures.

The second component guaranteed a specific capacity building action envisaged for the staff of NMS organisations. Its outcomes are the following:

  • 9 training sessions delivered in partners countries and in Italy;
  • 12 specific projects run by NMS organisations screened, supported and monitored (hands-on);
  • Helpdesk platform and networking.

Main project activities
Component – Helpdesk

  • Design, preparation and tool development for the website specialised in AIDCO-programme support;
  • Establishment of a permanent PuntoSud team for delivering the day to day support to target organisations;
  • Preparation and distribution of the “Trenino” guidelines for AIDCO programmes;
  • Launch and promotion of the website & helpdesk services.

Component – Capacity building

  • Organisation and delivery of 9 training/workshops for NMS organisations;
  • Hands-on delivery to 12 projects submitted/implemented/concluded by NMS organisations.


Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey

European Commission – DG EuropeAid


  • NSA/LA from NMS

386.045 EUR

2009 – 2011


Capacity building and professional training, Civil society

4 Quality Education


15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

15 consorzi finanziati

5555 EURO

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    valore progetto

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    alunni della scuola primaria

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Training of candidate volunteers of the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps

The European Solidarity Corps programme aims to provide young people, including those with fewer opportunities, with easily accessible opportunities for engagement in solidarity activities, while improving and validating their competences.

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Civil society and human rights in Eswatini

In Eswatini we support human rights associations through the promotion of knowledge and participatory methods, thus facilitating the work of local networks and the interaction between different public and private entities operating in the African country.

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Civil society and environmental networks in the Balkans and Turkey factoring the environmental portfolio for WB and Turkey in the EU Policy Agenda

Through the project, for over ten years we have been facilitating and supporting the work of environmental organisations in the Balkans and Turkey, through favouring a network building approach while promoting existing resources and opportunities within the different contexts.

The project “ factoring the environmental portfolio for WB and Turkey in the EU Policy Agenda” is implemented by Co-PLAN (Albania), as leading agency, and ATRC (Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99), EASD (Serbia), EEB (Belgium), 4X4X4 Balkan Bridges (FYROM), Green Home (Montenegro), LIR Evolution (BiH), PuntoSud (Italy) and TEMA (Turkey), as partners.
With an overall amount of 1 M €, the project is co-funded by the European Commission – Directorate General EuropeAid. It started in December 2017 for a duration of 36 months.

The project aims at contributing to improve the environment for civil society and pluralistic media, as effective and accountable independent actors in dialoguing with Governments for influencing environmental policy and decision-making processes. It is expected that the plays a leading role in policy elaboration on environmental issues, orienting the debate in circular economy and climate change issues, involving grass-root environmental CSOs, media and society in the Western Balkans and Turkey region.

Our activities
In the frame of the project, punto.sud is firstly playing a sort of crosscutting and transversal role, in particular to:

  • Elaborate and provide common tools for CSO networking and collaboration (small CSO capacity development) to capitalise the experience acquired in the previous phases (from 2012 to 2016);
  • Identify and share good practices within partners (e.g. collaboration with media, re-granting etc.);
  • Contribute to the definition of the financial support to third parties package (e.g. guidelines, templates, M&E modalities) and identification of effective models and share within partners;
  • Support the revision of existing e- learning modules, by diversifying topics and modalities, and the strengthening of the communication strategy.

Furthermore, PuntoSud is putting the basis to extend some of the key activities to the Italian scenario in order to ensure the spread and exchange of best practices and innovative models in the frame of the circular economy, especially by:

  • Contributing to the preparation of a joint methodology for the assessment of the circular economy applicable in the Western Balkans and Turkey;
  • Reviewing of existing experience in Italy with regard to the circular economy models and practices;
  • Organising of one thematic study tour in Italy on Circular Economy practices.

Italy, Turkey, Western Balkans


European Commission – Directorate General EuropeAid


  • 14 environmental grass-root CSOs in Western Balkans and Turkey
  • 10-14 media organisations in Western Balkans
  • Citizens of the countries

2.557.952,67 EUR

2009 – 2021


Advocacy/Awareness raising/Comunication, Capacity building and professional training, Civil society, Environment/Fight against climate change

SDGs Sustainable cities and communitiesSDGs Climate Action





644.765,67 EUR



1.083.313,00 EUR

  • € 1.083.313

    Project budget

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Capacity building and follow up services for the empowerment of the beneficiaries awarded through the call “Reazioni” promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo

As part of the “Reactions” call to action launched by the Compagnia di San Paolo, PuntoSud was contracted to accompany a capacity building and follow-up program for the empowerment of the beneficiaries of the grant and to provide them with support in the implementation and reporting of supported projects.

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Zero in conduct: in-formative actions driven by young people, teachers and citizens to reduce environmental impact

Aim of the project is to provide tools and new spaces of dialogue in order to help the actors of the formal and informal field activate themselves through educational and training activities to fight climate change, after deeply understanding its mechanisms

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NOPLANETB HUB: co-programming against climate change

NOPLANETB is the first Italian HUB that aims to promote the spread of sustainable lifestyles by incubating, co-designing and financing communication, advocacy and awareness-raising ideas and initiatives promoted by small organizations of Italian civil society and aimed at raising awareness of citizens on the topic of climate change

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