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NOPLANETB EU: small actions for big impacts on climate change

NOPLANETB – There isn’t a PLANet B! Win-win strategies and small actions for big impacts on climate change

NOPLANETB is a program designed to promote the spread of sustainable lifestyles through the financial support of the best communication, awareness and advocacy initiatives aimed at fighting climate change and promoted by small and medium-sized civil society organizations, which benefit from a path of capacity building to enhance their skills and consolidate and / or expand their network.

NOPLANETB is an advocacy and campaigning project, co-financed by the European Union as part of the Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Program, which aims to support and encourage the involvement, participation and commitment of citizens on the issue of environmental sustainability, in relation to global development. The project aims to create a conducive environment around the concept that “there is no PLANET B”, in which small and medium-sized civil society organizations carry out effective actions within a shared common framework, aimed at increasing the effectiveness and relevance of the intervention, favouring the creation and consolidation of networks, at national and international level.
Small and medium-sized civil society organizations represent the main target of the project, as they can play a fundamental role in promoting a change in people’s habits and behaviours to spread more sustainable lifestyles at local level. The small actions, which insist on a territory, are in fact able to produce benefits for their community and to put pressure on the higher levels of governance to institutionalize good practices and propose innovative solutions, with a bottom-up approach. Civil society organizations are therefore able to connect and liaise with the different components of civil society, in the perspective of a real transition towards more sustainable lifestyles.

The project aims at impacting on three different levels:

The third parties (around 90 CSOs) represent the direct target group of this project. The project identifies three different incentives: funds, knowledge and contacts. Therefore, the project is built around three main components:

  • Local level: civil society organizations have carried out small actions involving citizens and local communities, in collaboration with local institutions, with the aim of changing citizens and decision-makers’ behaviours;
  • National level: collaboration is activated between the civil society organizations involved and other key stakeholders within their own country;
  • At pan-European level: civil society organizations in collaboration with NOPLANETB partners have intervened at the European level with coordinated actions and with a coherent approach in the six countries of the network.

In order to produce this impact, NOPLANETB has identified three main components:

    • Financial support: a regranting model aimed at civil society organizations of the 6 European countries of the network, for the implementation of effective projects that contribute to the shared project priorities.
    • Development of skills / knowledge sharing: a path to accompany the organizations benefiting from financial support with the aim of strengthening their thematic and managerial skills during the design, development and implementation of their projects.
    • Strengthening networking opportunities: building a network that enhances social capital, identifies areas of collaboration, detects new ideas and optimizes costs. Contacts and experience sharing are key factors to create multiplier effects and maximize the impact of the proposed actions.

Our activities

    • Financial support for selected small and medium-sized civil society organizations in the six partner countries;
    • Set up of a helpdesk to support the selected CSOs in their projects’ design and management;
    • Definition and delivery of a capacity building program;
    • Creation of the communication strategy of the project, linked to the development and dissemination of its brand;
    • Organization of meetings and events, including the final conference, with the involvement of local authorities to identify possible synergies.


Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain


  • 500.000 European citizens
  • 90 small-medium European civil society organisations
  • Local Governments

EUR 4.569.531

2017 – 2021


Advocacy/Awareness raising/Comunication, Civil society, Environment/Fight against climate change, Granting and Sub-granting, Sustainable development

SDGs Sustainable cities and communities SDGs Climate Action


  • € 4.569.531

    project budget

  • 500.000

    european citizens

  • 90



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