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Escuelas y Comunidades Inclusivas

Escuelas y Comunidades Inclusivas para otra ciudadanìa

Through the project Escuelas y Comunidades Inclusivas in El Salvador, we support NGOs and local associations through acknowledging their skills and promoting sustainable models of inclusive schooling for the most vulnerable children.

The project ‘ESCUELAS Y COMUNIDADES INCLUSIVAS PARA OTRA CIUDADANÍA: alleanza comunitaria per l’inclusione sociale e la prevenzione della violenza nel Dipartimento di Chalatenango’ aims to contribute to preventing and reducing youth violence through the activation and / or strengthening of participatory dynamics of local development aimed at creating an integral and quality education system and the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.

In this perspective, the SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE of the project is to increase the opportunities for access and participation of minors in the formal and informal educational system through the testing and measurement of the effectiveness of the systematic implementation of innovative socio-educational practices for social inclusion and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The action is leaded by Soleterre and involves as project partners EducAid Onlus , Università di Bologna/Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione “Giovanni Maria Bertin”  , Rete Italiana Disabilità e Sviluppo (RIDS)

Our activities

  • First definition of the monitoring system
  • Systematization of change theory and main processes
  • Finalization of the monitoring system
  • Participatory M & E
  • Elaboration of key research questions and tools
  • Elaboration of base-line
  • Data processing, detection and experiment
  • Report (intermediate report)
  • Monitoring of monitoring
  • Elaboration end-line
  • Report (Final Evaluation)

Sud America

El Salvador


  • 3.440 minors (7-15 years) involved in innovative socio-educational activities;
  • 161 teachers / school managers of 10 schools strengthened in their teaching, pedagogical and work skills;
  • 250 parents / guardians strengthened in their educational skills;
  • 130 between public officials, members of the CSOs and representatives of the main stakeholders sensitized and involved in advocacy activities, exchange of good practices and networking

EUR 1.780.026,13

2018 – 2021


Community and rural development, Educational poverty

4 Quality EducationSDGs Reduced Inequalities


  • € 1.780.026,13

    valore progetto

  • 3.440


  • 161


  • 250


  • 130



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