All Academy projects

Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

“IJRAAT —Investing in a Joint procedure-Ready and compliant Approach to the Application of EU PRAG rules through Training”

World Wide

Enhancing FAO staff’s in the management of EU resources

World Wide

Enhancing Salesians’ Offices worldwide

World Wide

Enhancing WFP staff’s understanding of EC funding

World Wide

Evaluation of the IFRC ECHO Coordination process

World Wide

PuntoSud Academy

World Wide

Specialised training programme for AICS staff


Strengthening civil society organisations


Strengthening support for sustainable growth of Fondazione Rava – N.P.H

Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey

Training and helpdesk support services to the CSO/LA working with EuropeAid funds

World Wide

Training and support services to the DG ECHO staff and partners

France, Germany, Italy, Spain

Training of candidate volunteers of the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps

World Wide

Training of candidate volunteers within the “EU Aid Volunteers” initiative