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Our helpdesk for DG DEVCO and DG NEAR funded projects


Our helpdesk for DG ECHO Actions (open to all DG ECHO Partners)

punto.sud Academy helpdesk Support and knowledge sharing

The Helpdesk email mailboxes ensures continuous, rapid and comprehensive answers to questions related to the day-to-day management of EC-funded projects posed by NGOs’ and IOs’ staff. Helpdesk support is provided free of charge via email and occasionally via telephone.

Since 2008 we are running two Helpdesks: one is delivered to DG ECHO Partners on behalf of the European Commission within the DG ECHO Framework Contract; the EuropeAid Helpdesk is provided by punto.sud on DG DEVCO and DG NEAR contractual obligation issues.

Answers provided are based on the information contained in the official documents of the European Commission, training materials and website content, including FAQs.

The Helpdesk service, beside its capacity to support NGOs’ and IOs’ staff, ensures a constant “antenna” which facilitates the comprehension of key issues, criticalities and main constraints faced by operators in their daily management. This activity, consequently, allows for the constant maintenance, updating and development of other capacity development tools developed by punto.sud like websites, training courses and ad-hoc toolkits and e-tools.

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