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Italy: Evaluation of the project “Work4Integration” (2017-2018)
Italy: “Bando Energia” fighting against poverty (2017-2019)
Myanmar: tourism and sustainable development (2018-2019)
Italy: Be.St. (Beyond Stereotypes) – Oltre gli stereotipi di genere (2017-2018)
Italy & five European countries: There isn’t a PLANet B (2017-2020)
Nepal: Climate Change and Agriculture (2017-2019)
EU Aid Volunteers Initiative (2016 – 2020)
Sri-Lanka: Support and analysis of the project ‘SRI-ECO Sviluppo Rurale integrato ECOsostenibile in Sri Lanka’ (2016)
Kosovo and Serbia: Assessment on evaluability (2015-2016)
Sudan: Health and Nutrition for the Mayo vulnerable population (2016-2019)
North Iraq : Child protection mechanism for IDPs, refugees and children of host communities (2015)
Italia (Lombardia): Orti Senza Frontiere (2015-2017)
Supporting DG-ECHO Quality Approach in Humanitarian Aid (2013-2018)
Swaziland: Strengthening Civil Society Organisations (2013-2017)
Western Balkans and Turkey:, giving citizens a voice (2012-2017)
Co-Partners in Development – Enhancing Salesians’ Offices worldwide (2014-2018)
Togo: Jeunes Filles pour l’Agrò (2011-2016)
Ethiopia: Support to Agriculture and Impact Evaluation (2013-2016)
Vallerani System – Fighting Against Desertification (2014-on going)
Burkina Faso: Evaluation of the Program “Fondazioni4Africa” (2014-2017)
Mozambique: Evaluation of the Program “Trentino in Mozambique” (2014-2016)
FAO Learning Program: Improving the EU-FAO Partnership (2008-2016)
Sri Lanka: Helpdesk for the DPC Tsunami Disaster Program (2005-2010)
Western Balkans and Turkey: Environmental Forum (2009-2012)
Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Needs Assessments (2013-2017)
Niger: Final Evaluation of Sustainable Energies Project (2015)
Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania: Evaluation of the Project Equal Opportunities for Health (2014)
Sudan: Evaluation of Maternal and Paediatric Health Project (2015)
Uganda: Evaluation of the Program “Fondazioni4Africa” (2008-2014)
Ecuador, India, Sri Lanka: Evaluation of the Country Programs (2010-2014)
Supporting the Quality Approach in Humanitarian Aid (2008-2013)
Mozambique: Evaluation of DGCS-MAE Initiatives in the Health Sector (2012-2013)
Romania: Project Evaluation on Children and adolescents’ rights (2011-2013)
Helpdesk Platform and Support to NSA/LA in Development Sector (2009-2011)
Supporting Unicredit Foundation’s Call For Proposal System (2011)
Building Inclusion: Access to Housing and Inclusion of Immigrants in Europe (2007-2009)
Supporting DG-ECHO Quality Approach in Humanitarian Aid (2003-2008)
Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Ireland: Integration Through Participation (2006-2008)
Mozambique: Helpdesk for the Program “Trentino in Mozambique” (2005-2007)
Senegal: Project Evaluation on Migration and Social Capital (2006)
Italy, Spain, Hungary and Denmark: Graphic Novel on Immigrants (2005-2006)
Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Portugal: Immigrants Integration Indicators (2005-2006)
Morocco: Co-development Programme and Promotion of SME (2003-2005)
Denmark, Italy and Spain: Social Exclusion Among Immigrants (2002-2003)
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