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DG ECHO Final Report 2014

Course Description

This e-learning course aims to support participants in dealing with the steps required by ECHO for a correct preparation of the final report.

The course covers both financial and operational sections of the Single Form plus the additional financial information required at final reporting stage.

This e-learning is provided in asynchronous modality; therefore, lessons will be available on the distance learning platform at any time.

E-learning modules are delivered through presentations completed by background speech and visual effects, along with clarifications, examples and indications on best practices and available support material to properly prepare and organize the required documentation.

Specific Objective

To improve knowledge and skills of ECHO partners’ staff in preparing the closure phase of an ECHO funded Action.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to define the contractual and financial obligations concerning the Final Report.

Course Modules

1. Introduction to the course
The objectives of the course are highlighted. The organisation of the sessions are explained.

2. Introduction to the Final Report
The session provides an overview of the Final Report and its structure. Helps to understand ECHO requirements and expectations.
Information for the compilation of the Payment Request and Declaration.

3. Final Narrative Report
Explain the purpose of the narrative report with an overview of the main sections.

4. Final Financial Report
Eligibility criteria and overview of the mandatory documents. Financial information foreseen in the Single Form and the compulsory annexes.

5. Other annexes
Presentation of additional information to be provided when applicable for the Action.
Dealing with remaining supplies.

6. Create and submit a Final Report
APPEL, overview of technicalities for the creation and submission of the Final Report. PDF synchronisation.

7. ECHO Assessment
What ECHO wants verify through this report? This session helps to understand ECHO operational and financial analysis. Payment of the balance.

8. Conclusion
Indication are given regarding the main supporting documents to refer to. Presentation of the DG ECHO Partners website and the Helpdesk services.

Free e-learning module to support DG ECHO partners in the preparation of the Final report

Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

NGOs’ staff involved in the drafting and submission of final reports to ECHO, such as desk officers, Financial Officers, Financial Controllers both at HQ and field level, with good experience in implementation and management of ECHO funded Action.

Number of participants

No limits


The course lasts approximately 2 hours and should be completed within 20 days

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Course Prices
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Training financed under the DG-ECHO Framework Contract

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