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Since 2008 punto.sud is the official service providing open and distance training on behalf of the European Commission for all DG-ECHO partners and staff.

If several people have the same training needs, or if you want to develop the knowledge and skills of your staff or board in a particular area, then an in-house programme is likely to be the most effective training option. punto.sud team of expert trainers will bring their knowledge and experience to you, saving you time and money and providing completely flexible solutions.

You have two options:

  • You can have any of our courses delivered at your offices (or a venue of your choice)


  • You can work with one of our expert to customise the course content or design a new training programme from scratch (bespoke training). In this case the whole approach will be focused around your precise requirements and we will work closely with you and your organisation to design, develop and deliver a tailored training program meeting your specific learning and development needs.

Whether your team would benefit from a tailored offering of one of our existing courses, or from a bespoke training course developed to meet your specific needs, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to create your personalised programme.

For a more lasting impact on staff performance and organisational practice, in-house and bespoke training can also be combined with the development of web-based informative platforms, distance learning courses, webinars and helpdesk support (for more info click here).

Our appoach in building up an In-house Training Program or Course

When designing a training module, we take into account that every organisation is different and therefore every bespoke course is inherently unique. There are however some common elements in the process of developing a in-house/bespoke course:

  • After the first contact, one expert of the punto.sud Learning Team will help you identify the learning need that you would like us to address.
  • Once the learning need is clearly identified, we develop and share with you an appropriate program of support for your staff and organisation. In-house training can also be proposed with a combination of other capacity development tools, like development of web-based informative platforms, distance learning courses, webinars and helpdesk support (for more info click here).
  • Once the learning contract is agreed, we bring the learning program to your location at times to suit you.
  • Afterwards, we work with you to evaluate the learning program and to focus on a possible follow-up.

How much does the delivery of one In-house Training Course cost?

Costs may vary due to several factors, but you can expect around 900-1,200 € per day, plus effective costs for travelling, food, accommodation, shipping of materials (whenever necessary) and VAT, if due. For bespoke trainings, the design costs are also to be factored in.

Who benefit of our In-house Training Courses?

Organisations benefiting of our in-house training are mainly actors working in implementing humanitarian and development projects (Civil Society Organisations, International Non Governamental Organisations, UN Agencies and International Organisations), private and public Donor Agencies, Universities and Research Institutes.

This is a not exhaustive list of organisations we have worked with in the last years: AMI Foundation (P), ASIA Onlus (I), Assitance Coordination Unit – ACU (TR), Austrian Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid (A), Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo – CCS (I), Centro Italiano Aiuti all’Infanzia – CIAI (I), Centro Per La Formazione Alla Solidarietà Internazionale (I), Concern (IRL), Cooperazione e Sviluppo – CESVI (I), Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarollo (E), Cordaid (UK), Emergency (I), European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection (DG ECHO), Federación Aragonesa De Solidaridad (E), Finn Church Aid (FIN), Food and Agriculture Organisation – FAO, German Red Cross (D), Goal (IRL), International Medical Corps (US), Impact Initiatives (CH), Intersos (I), Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale – ISPI (I), Italian Civil Protection Department (I), Norvegian Red Cross (N), Norvegian Refugee Council (N), Oxfam Italia (I), People in Peril (SK), Secours Catholique Caritas France (F), Solidarités International (F), Together Foundation (SLO), Université Catholique de Louvain (B), Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo – VIS (I), Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies – VOICE (B), We World Onlus (I).


For more information or to book an in-house training course, please contact Mrs Simona Pogliani (Chief of the Training Department)

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