Since 2008 punto.sud is the official service providing open and distance training on behalf of the European Commission for all DG-ECHO partners and staff.

Why Apply To E-learning Courses?

You are too busy to physically join one of our courses around the world? Explore the punto.sud e-learning offer and practise an interactive learning experience that actively engage users through dynamic presentations, interactive tests, exercises and illustrative case studies. The e-learning offers the option of taking a course whenever needed, with a high level of flexibility. In addition to the e-learning materials, each course provides links to online resources, recommended reading, self-study tutorials, checklists and job aids.

punto.sud e-learning Team delivers fee-based and free distance learning modules, mainly on project management, monitoring & evaluation, communication and social media, advocacy and compliance with donors’ procedures.

What is Asynchronous e-learning?

punto.sud offers, among other options, asynchronous e-learning courses. This methodology makes it possible for learners to log on to an e-learning environment, download documents or send messages to teachers or peers at any time . Learners may follow the course at their own pace without having to worry about scheduling conflicts and may spend more time on those topics to which they are more interested in. This modality also allows teachers and students to interact in different places and different times. The asynchronous modality favours participation from different time zones and permits involvement of workers with complicated schedules.

How do our E-learning Courses work?

  • punto.sud e-learning modules are subject to several repetitions every year.
  • Each course must be completed within the given time.
  • Courses are divided into different video lectures that can be watched as many times as desired and include other training material such as exercises, tests, downloadable useful material (audio files, official documents, examples, etc.).
  • In case of specific difficulties or questions related to the course contents, a Helpdesk service is available (answers will be provided by a qualified teacher within a working day).
  • To facilitate participants’ interaction, an open chat is also available on the platform.
  • After having completed the course, participants are invited to fill in an evaluation form with their comments and suggestions, in order to improve the quality of the service and they will receive a certificate of attendance.


For more information or to create an in-house distance learning course, please contact Mrs Simona Pogliani (Chief of the Training Department)

DG-ECHO E-learning Program

Please send any inquiry to: or click here

punto.sud E-learning Courses
E-learning – CSOs And Participation: Lobbying, Advocacy And Policy Influencing

E-learning – CSOs and participation: Lobbying, Advocacy and Policy Influencing

Advocacy, E-learning

This e-learning course provides support to CSOs on how effectively influence the decision-making process at…

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E-learning – A Very Short Introduction To The DG ECHO 2014 FPA
E-learning – DG ECHO Final Report 2014

E-learning – DG ECHO Final Report 2014

2017 open e-learning, DG-ECHO training, E-learning, Fundraising & Donors' Procedures, Project Cycle Management

This e-learning course aims to support participants in dealing with the steps required by ECHO…

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E-learning – DG ECHO Audit Process 2014

E-learning – DG ECHO Audit process 2014

2017 open e-learning, DG-ECHO training, E-learning, Fundraising & Donors' Procedures

The heart of this e-learning consists in one session dedicated to field audits and another…

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E-learning – DG ECHO Single Form PDF 2014
E-learning – Get Funding From The EU From Western Balkans And Turkish CSOs
E-learning – Social Media, Activism And Participation

E-learning – Social media, activism and participation

Advocacy, E-learning

Get this e-learning course to start or improve your communication strategy through the use of…

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